Beach Inspired NFTs From The Minds of an 8 and 5 Year Old

October 14 21:18 2021

October 14, 2021 – NFTs have been booming over the last few years, with an increasing amount of animal themed artwork coming our way on a daily basis.

Seaford Pebbles are a little bit different.

An 8 year old and 5 year old from the UK were curious about the world of NFTs. Their father, who was pretty clueless about NFTs himself, tried his best to explain it to them. They then took a trip to Seaford beach, where the kids battled the cold winds and chose the best looking pebbles they could find. These were then pixelated and became Seaford Pebbles.

The children’s father, known online as McHammer, said: “NFTs have had a lot of press recently and I know plenty of people who have found it hard to get their head around, myself included. So, I thought it would just baffle the kids but they seemed to grasp the basics quite quickly and loved the idea of creating something, especially if it gave them an excuse to go to the beach.”

The children chose 100 pebbles and these were pixelated to form the original NFTs. 25 of these were then left as originals only, whilst the other 75 were given an additional 22 background colours for each of them. This amounted to 1,750 NFTs in total which will go on sale on Cyber Monday (29th November 2021).

With many projects launching with 10,000 NFTs available, 1,750 is not a huge amount, so the family are hopeful that these will go quickly.

McHammer said: “This is all pretty new to us so who knows what will happen. I think the kids will be happy if just one gets sold but obviously it would be great if they all went.”

The pebbles will be sold on Opensea, a popular NFT marketplace.

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