Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind Driving the Construction of the Future City of Xiongan New Area with Design

October 18 09:45 2021

The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly caused a huge impact on the world economy and brought global business to a halt, forcing us to re-examine the proposition of a community with a shared future for mankind. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has recently announced its endorsement of China’s CoronaVac vaccine and will reopen its borders in November, which strengthening the world’s determination to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Nowadays, the pandemic is still spreading globally. We are in a post-pandemic era full of hope. The eruption of “staying home demand” without leaving home has greatly stimulated the flourishing of new technologies and new industries such as 5G, artificial intelligence and smart cities, which has become the breakthrough of design transformation. The digital intelligence industry provides a new path for economic globalization, creates new fertile soil for the development of the community and speeds up the construction of Xiongan New Area.

In this year, Xiongan embraces its fifth year of the construction plan and sees its post-pandemic recovery. The Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2021 (HIDW 2021) will be held from October 16 to 22, 2021 with the theme of “Interconnectedness: Design to Rekindle the World”. HIDW 2021 will gather global intellectual design resources, promote the stagnant cooperation via linking, enlighten future life to build the “one body with two wings” new internationalization layout and highlight the role of Xiongan design empowering the world’s development. Meanwhile, this event will collaborate with the United Kingdom, opened a “British Design Day” Partner Activity, with the theme of “Building a Caring and Inclusive City of the Future – Accessible Environmental Design”. It will employ industrial design, information technology, intelligence and other means to help build a high-standard, high-quality barrier-free city in Xiongan New Area, to promote the building of a human destiny community without differences, showing China’s role.

In order to tackle the isolation issues caused by the pandemic, HIDW 2021 is organized in a combination of “offline + online” mode, realizing real-time data flow back, establishing an effectively connected online design centric field, driving design to achieve efficient transformation of its empowerment through multi-terminal tandem, and guiding and inspiring people from all walks of life to focus on the new situation of online design. This time, HIDW 2021 will continue to work with the Goldreed Industrial Design Award (GIDA) to create a “Week and Competition” model, which will scout for new designers worldwide, and deepen designer’s sense of “creating value through design”, to spread the value and spirit of design, and to promote an international and professional industrial design event with oriental color and a sustainable design atmosphere. In the post-pandemic era, the event will convey the beautiful vision of helping the community of human destiny with design to the world, strengthen the global awareness of coexistence and co-prosperity, and promote people-to-people communication and integration.

In Xiongan, there are hundreds of designers and workers who are carrying on strong responsibilities. Shirley Feng, director of the Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, said in the keynote speech at Xiongan Design Forum, “Sharing Weal and Woe Co-existing in Harmony!”

In the future, Xiongan New Area will continue to actively integrate with the international market, establish new trends, new dynamics and new highlands suitable for the development of design by all parties, construct a harmonious and symbiotic ecosystem, build a community of human destiny together, and strongly make a new life of harmonious development for the people of the world.

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