H2hub watches are now being used as a cost effective proposal gift

October 19 00:09 2021
With watches carrying so much sentimental weight in their existence, why not make them truly unique to an individual?

With watches being such personal items, it’s small wonder that they would be used as a proposal gift and that’s exactly what a particular customer of H2hub did. The man in question chose a pair of automatic Aries Gold watches, and had the photos of their anniversary trip to Europe printed onto their casebacks. Needless to say, on the day he went down on his knees in front of her, she said Yes. A gift that doesn’t have to cost much, but still speak volumes in sentiment and emotion is the best gift one can gift to another.

For most people around, a watch is more than just a tool for telling the time, or a simple accessory that looks pretty. It’s a statement of one’s personality, values and beliefs. And being such a personal piece, who wouldn’t want to have one that is unique to themselves. Many brands around, whether they’re micro-brands or household name brands offers options of personalization- giving customers the freedom to add a personal touch to their watch. Often from the caseback to the dial. Having the right watch to start with is the first and possibly most important step in personalizing one’s timepiece.

There is a micro-brand in particular under H2hub’s vast catalogue of watches that seems to be almost tailor made to be personalized; Aries Gold. With an array of options available, from dive watches, dress watches, sports chronographs all the way up to skeletonized dress pieces, there’s certainly something for everybody in the Aries Gold catalogue.

Flexibility is the name of the game here, and the traditional minimalist dress watch design offers plenty of that, with options varying from the dial to the caseback. Whether they’d like a name engraved on the caseback, or a meaningful picture or text printed on the dial. There’s always room for customers to express themselves on their timepiece with the personalization services. If say, they want to keep a secret close to them, then a text or date on the caseback that no one but themselves will know of is a great and subtle choice. Or, if they want something a little bit more special that they can always look at, a subtle text or picture on the dial will always be a reminder of their dearest.

For mechanical watches, things get a little more interesting, while for certain models, a subtle text can be printed on the dial. The real cherry on the cake is found on the back of these watches: The display caseback. Each mechanical timepiece from Aries Gold comes with a glass exhibition caseback which can be printed with either a text or a picture, so that customers can always have what means most to them close by wherever they are. One of the latest in personalization options, and possibly the most interesting is the custom rotor option. Where a text or a picture can be printed onto the watch’s actual rotor. With a full array of watches and personalization options available, the perfect gift is just a few clicks away at H2hub

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