4 Pet Releaf Tips to Keep Dogs Calm Before Halloween’s Ding-Dong

October 19 03:08 2021
With Halloween fast approaching, Pet Releaf wants to help dog owners prepare their dog for the Trick-or-Treaters

Many pet parents are dreading the hordes of adorable trick-or-treaters that come to their door each year at Halloween. Not because they don’t love giving out candy and seeing the cute costumes, but because the stress on their dog, or dogs, each time the doorbell rings is tough to handle. Dogs take their job of protecting their people and their home seriously, and they don’t know that the doorbell ringing means fun costumes and Halloween cheer. Here are four ways to help keep dogs calm this Halloween.

The first strategy for helping dogs stay calm through all the trick-or-treaters is to create a safe space for them to retreat to. Trick out Fido’s favorite spot with comfy blankets and pillows, or maybe a new dog bed. Make sure there are plenty of toys for distraction. Dog owners could even leave a piece of clothing they’ve worn recently so their dog can have their comforting smell. This will give dogs a place to retreat to when the doorbell starts ringing. 

The next step is to use a quality Pet Releaf pet CBD product, like Hemp Oil or one of their CBD-infused Edibites supplement chews, because CBD may help promote calmness and relaxation during stressful situations. When CBD enters the part of a dog’s nervous system called the Endocannabinoid System, it activates particular receptors in the body so that they can have a 2-way communication between regulatory systems. This process allows dogs to feel calmer and much more relaxed. 

Another strategy for helping dogs remain calm during Halloween is to bypass the doorbell altogether and place the candy bowl outside. This will reduce not only the sound of the doorbell, but the loud noises trick or treaters make. This will help prevent a loud barking fit each time people come to the house for candy. And putting the bowl of candy outside still allows pet parents to participate in the Halloween festivities. 

One final suggestion is to reward and support good behavior. Buying a dog new treats, like a Kong, and filling it with peanut butter or giving them a long-lasting chew is a good way to keep them occupied and distracted from the festivities. And, whenever they don’t bark at the doorbell, or bark less than usual, reward them with a treat. This will create positive associations with the doorbell and loud noises while reinforcing their good behavior. With a little creativity and love, people can make this a good Halloween for them and their dog.

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