Hamza Abo$$’s “Im Not Perfect” Is An Amazing Underground Debut

October 20 16:21 2021
The 22-year old Seattle rapper Hamza Abo$$ and his latest musical project “Im Not Perfect”

USA – For those perpetually on the lookout for good music, Hamza Abo$$ presents the best but underrated album of the year, “Im Not Perfect”. The album falls under the genre of rap, but it’s a delight for fans of all genres.

The Project is a lyrical enigma that encompasses some of the principal themes of life; love, relationships, family, success, and poverty; something everyone can relate to. But don’t mistake it for a soppy, sad album. Hamza Abo$$ is an extremely talented artist, with some of the most brilliant vocals. Everything on his album is on-point. From the superb vocals to the beautifully crafted, reflective lyrics and brilliant background music. Hamza Abo$$ surely put a lot of time and effort into his album.

The release comprises some really upbeat, yet surprisingly deep songs that surely would be loved by the audience.  The album has catchy lyrics and a chilled-out vibe that some of the tracks seem to exude. Despite the somewhat serious themes, Hamza Abo$$ has managed to inject a lot of fun into this album.

Although every track on this long-playing record is its own version of exuberance, “Carpe Diem” is on another level. Another underrated gem from his album has got to be “Trust Issues”. The track Trust Issues is completely different from Carpe Diem, focusing on much darker themes such as loneliness, and, as the name suggests, trust issues. The intense lyrics go very well with the track’s production and allow for one to completely experience the full range of emotions that this song encompasses.

All-in-all, this album was surprisingly a treat to the ears. Melodious, intense, and upbeat in all the right proportions. “Im Not Perfect” by Hamza Abo$$ is now available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud. So, be sure to check out the brilliant album “Im Not Perfect” by the criminally underrated artist!

About Hamza Abo$$

Hamza Abo$$ is a 22-year-old rapper who is from Seattle, Washington. His appeal lies in his very unique styles of R&B and hip-hop. As a rising talent, Hamza Abo$$ puts a great deal of effort into producing his melodies and lyrics.

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