Is AI Development a Sword with Two Edges?

October 20 17:33 2021
The Root Causes of Risk on AI Development

Oct 20th, 2021 – California – The Mind Power Lady, Dr. Angela Wilson (Ph.D.) through her brand, Achievers Resources Pty Ltd announces the release of ‘Hacking The Hacker®’ The series covering risk prevention on AI development for AI Experts and investors who want to free themselves being the potential victims of own creation.

The renowned author and speaker explained that the human race has the power to keep robots in control through the unlimited power of the unused part of the mind – the unconscious mind that most professionals mix up with the subconscious mind.


Notably, powerful systems would lead to powerful performances. AI could affect almost all areas of human life from social to political, thereby bring about all-round positive developments. Yet, the possibility of its superiority to human outputs could lead to loss of control and other disastrous risks – threatening safety and security. In fact, AI could sideline and “destroy” its human creators if engineers cannot get a grip on the ethics behind it, English Physicist Stephen Hawking had warned.

Speaking at a web summit in Lisbon in 2017, the late Cambridge professor explained that AI could be hugely beneficial for reducing poverty, disease, and restoring the natural environment. However, it could also become the greatest weapon developed by man to oppress, fight, and destroy. Hawking stated how important the human mind is in all of this, saying “it’s impossible to predict what we might achieve when our own minds are amplified by AI.”

Hawking was quoted to have said:

We cannot know if we will be infinitely helped by AI or ignored by it and sidelined, or conceivably destroyed by it. AI could be the worst invention of the history of our civilization, that brings dangers like powerful autonomous weapons or new ways for the few to oppress the many. AI could develop a will of its own, a will that is in conflict with ours and which could destroy us. In short, the rise of powerful AI will be either the best or the worst thing ever to happen to humanity.”

Indeed, projecting and focusing on the development of the machine’s pure capability without consideration for the general benefit of society and greater human good could become disastrous. The root cause of AI risk comes from the energy loopholes at the unconscious mind connecting with the projects inside the AI engineers and investors.

This is why Dr. Angela Wilson (Ph.D.) has developed a top-notch solution and packaged it in the “Hacking the Hacker” series. It is a process of connecting consciousness with unconsciousness and merging them to access the infinite human potential for good.

Hacking The Hacker® series can not only enhance safe AI development with huge benefits but minimize the short and long-term threats.


About Dr. Angela Wilson (Ph.D.)

Mind Power Lady, Dr. Angela Wilson (Ph.D.) is a holistic researcher and solution provider on the root causes of human tragedy and earth misery through universal matrix and individual’s mind matrix. As a public figure, she is known as the authority of the largely inaccessible and unused unconscious mind, the crux of personal tragedy from the cradle to the grave and world misery.

She shares the secret of the inaccessible but hacked unconscious mind and the ultimate application “Hacking The Hacker®” program series worldwide as an inspirational speaker, keynote presenter, media guest, holistic consultant, coach, healer, trainer, therapist, award-winning energy master, global peace ambassador, author, political member, animal advocate, and more.

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