Explains Why Companies Should Work with Private Security Services

October 21 02:57 2021 Explains Why Companies Should Work with Private Security Services

When faced with security needs, business owners have two choices: they can dedicate team members to the task or hire private security guards. It’s not a decision to be made lightly, and after considering their options, many business owners find that private security services have numerous advantages over in-house guards. Here’s some additional info on why an outsourced security service is such a great idea.

The Guards are Well Trained

With a security service, the guards receive professional training—so they’re more skilled and experienced than in-house staff members are. They’ll know how to address the most common security concerns, and they can also interview witnesses, prevent crimes, and much more. Additionally, professional security guards can help team members prepare loss prevention reports for future court cases.

Reduced Liability Risks

When using an in-house security team, the business owner will be responsible for their actions. In comparison, private guards are covered by a company’s liability insurance policy. That means if a perpetrator files a legal claim, there is a built-in defense. In that way, security guard companies offer business owners greater peace of mind.

Saving Time and Money

Coordinating team members’ schedules can be stressful, especially when using in-house security. Hiring a security company can help keep the site fully staffed while avoiding the hassle and cost of attendance and HR issues.

According to, it’s costly and time-consuming for business owners to hire and train a dedicated security team. First, they must find, interview, and vet applicants. And, after a team member is hired, more money and time are spent on training. It’s different with professional security companies, though. By hiring an outside security service, the company handles the hiring, background checking, and training processes—providing the client with guards that can get the work done.

More Flexibility

By working with a professional security company, such as Community Action Security,  there is a greater level of flexibility than with an in-house team. Outsourcing an independent security team means that there is less likely to be a gap in coverage. More personnel can be added to a team if needed without the need for the client to hire.

Decisive Action

Trained security guards are a visible deterrent to criminal activity. That’s why Beaufort Co. elementary schools are getting armed private security guards. What we know about independent security companies, is that their training can be specialized for particular situations. There are unique challenges associated with the training of a security team, and private companies know how to manage staff in ways that bring professional results. By hiring outsiders, business owners will free up more of their time and find it easier to focus on their core competencies.


With the commitment, liability relief, and expertise they offer, contracted security services are a better choice than using in-house resources. Aside from paying the salaries of internal security team members, business owners must also handle vacation, overtime, employee taxes, health benefits, yearly raises, and holiday bonuses. When working with a security service, however, costs are based on fixed hourly rates that don’t change until the contract expires. Hiring an outside security service is an easy way for business owners to protect themselves from unexpected labor cost increases.

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