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October 27 14:18 2021 is a premier online platform/blog that provides up-to-date information about renovations, power tools, interior design, woodworking and general handyman tips and guidelines.

There’s a saying among DIY enthusiasts that If you want something done well, do it yourself. However, as true as that maxim maybe, there’s a thin line between ”Do it Yourself” and ”Destroy It Yourself” — and one DIY can easily spill over to the other DIY. Consequently, what separates both is sufficient knowledge and guidance on the task being performed. It’s this knowledge that gifted Israeli-based handyman, Itamar Ben-Dor, selflessly shares on his blog,

It is said that with longevity comes experience; with experience comes greater expertise. Itamar’s expertise was honed during his childhood with his dad, a practical engineer at the Israel Electric Company, who, as a hobby, was also involved in construction, renovations, carpentry, and woodwork at home; So there were always tools, saws, drills, and more at home.

Long before the digital age and advent of the internet, the multitalented father and son would build things, kitchen cabinets, install electrical appliances, do flooring, pour concrete, and more, all these without directories and plans. ”Already, I was a little kid, Dad and I would renovate the house. Once we built a shed for garden tools, once we did flooring for the garden, once we renovated the bathroom and that’s the way it is”, Itamar said.

Today, Itamar Ben-Dor has grown from that boy who built things with his father, to a man — an authority on handyman information with over 20 years experience in his craft sharing his limitless wealth of knowledge on his platform. The blog has a simple, colourful and classy design with a plethora of highly valuable reviews, comparisons and news.

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