Walk-In Care is Now Available Again to the Residents of the Metropolitan Toronto Area

October 27 14:46 2021

The Greater Metropolitan Area of Toronto is a very diverse yet populous location.  Many ethnicities exist, with different cultural values and different financial means.  Before Covid-19 this segment of the populace did rely heavily on these services as the transportation that exists is usually via rail or bus.  While of course, some residents own vehicles, the clinics can be far and wide between, especially the ones that offer walk-in services. 

Bay College Medical & Lockwood Diagnostic Centre is now open fully again and serves this area well with walk-ins offered now again.  There are Covid-19 guidelines in place, however, and if too many walk-ins occur at once, because of social distancing measures, an appointment may be made by BCML for a future date.  Individuals with appointments of course are given priority, so making one is the best choice now with many seeking services now that BCML is fully opened again. 

Healthcare in Canada itself can vary from government-insured patients to those that do not have insurance of any type, and BCML prides itself on transparency in pricing and has issued a Pricing Guide on its website for patients to ascertain costs before visiting, especially if uninsured. 

The pricing is very reasonable even without insurance, however, BCML must limit the number of cancellations and therefore a higher fee is charged if not notified of a cancellation within twenty-four hours prior. 

Without giving 24-hour notice, a 50.00 fee is assessed for a General Practitioner and a 100-dollar fee for a Specialist.  The service fees also vary depending on whether a health insurance card is expired, and which province or territory a patient resides. 

All patients are welcomed, but a 12.65 administrative fee can be assessed for those in the Ontario region, with those from out of province or out of the country even (visitors to Canada) can be assessed an administrative fee of 15.00. 

Everyone’s health matters but BCML does value transparency and urges all patients to read over their Pricing Guide before booking an appointment or making a walk-in visit.  All administrative fees are non-refundable.  By knowing the guidelines and payment options and fees before a visit all patients can avoid unexpected expenses especially if a situation is a non-emergency situation. 

The patient must be aware of the cancellation policy first and foremost and ensure that they make any cancellation that is necessary 24-hours ahead of time and this is a crucial factor in the awareness of fees that BCML makes known to patients.

The rest of the fees depend upon health issues and whether a General Practitioner is needed or a Specialist and these also are listed on the Pricing Guide.

About Bay College Medical & Lockwood Diagnostic Centre

This walk-in and appointment medical centre is in the heart of the Greater Toronto Metropolitan Area and has served the residents there both insured and uninsured for decades.  Closed for Covid-19, the centre is now completely opened again, but there are restrictions on availability.  The restrictions are listed on the website and the centre has published a guide to pricing that will assist both insured and non-insured patients.  Telemedicine also exists as well as RX refills and pricing on both.  However, pricing is subject to change, so calling ahead is suggested as are appointments.

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