Estheticians Note More Time-Saving Solutions like Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Are on The Rise

October 27 14:50 2021

Master estheticians have noted that there has been an increased demand for hair removal services that provide a more permanent solution. Time is the most precious commodity people have, and no one wants to waste it unnecessarily on grooming. Shaving takes too much time out of the average day, and waxing can last significantly longer than the standard razor shave, which still adds up. That’s why more people are turning to Brazilian laser hair removal than they ever have before.

Laser hair removal is the closest thing to permanent hair removal on the market. It works through pulsed light that targets the pigment in the hair and is perfectly safe on even the most sensitive areas of the skin.

Hair gets its pigment from melanin which occurs naturally in the body. The laser can narrow in on the hair’s pigment and destroy the hair at the follicle. Even though it is not a completely permanent solution for hair removal, most people find that they don’t have to shave once they finish their treatments.

Treatments are available for all different types of skin tones and hair types. However, the darker the hair is, the fewer treatments are generally required to ensure the best results.

“Because the lasers work with pigment, they are going to target dark hair on lighter skin more easily. Still, they are highly effective on darker skin tones. All laser treatment plans are customized so that a client gets the most lasting and positive results possible.” According to a spokesperson.

People are looking for ways to save time and reserve their energy for things they want to do. Shaving takes up time daily, making it challenging to keep on schedule. Waxing doesn’t use up much personal time as shaving uses, but those trips to the salon for a Brazilian wax every few weeks adds up. A laser Brazilian hair removal treatment plan will save a surprising amount of time over the long run.

Treatments themselves only take about thirty minutes and are done with a professionally trained esthetician. And for a complete Brazilian treatment plan generally, there are anywhere from six to twelve treatments. For most people, this will solve the need to shave for years before going back in to get follow-up treatments.

“There has been a considerable growth in the popularity of the Brazilian hair removal treatments as people get back to their normal lives. Everyone wants to have the silky-smooth result without all the fuss and bother and pain that comes with other options.” Added the spokesperson.

Laser hair removal is relatively painless, and most people think that waxing is more painful. Laser hair removal destroys the hair at the follicle, meaning it won’t cause ingrown hairs or any lasting skin irritation. For saving time on personal grooming, laser treatment is the most popular way to go.

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