Timothy Kennedy Makes A Statement Through His Latest Short Horror Film

October 27 19:06 2021
With his new horror film on Halloween, Timothy aims to inspire college students struggling to generate a budget to pursue their passion for creating unique content.

Los Angeles, CA – It is pretty discouraging to see people waste their talent while waiting on funding and the perfect opportunity. Timothy plans to make young talent realize that having an enormous budget is unnecessary to make exciting films with this thrilling horror movie. 

This social media star believes that while funding can help refine the movie, it is impossible to capture the audience’s hearts as long as nothing is captivating about the idea. So, instead of finding excuses like a lack of funding, people should transform their ideas and think of methods to engage the audience. 

To prove his statement about the funding needs of a short film, this college student created an absolute masterpiece with the help of some of his closest friends. With only a few weeks of preps and minimal funds, Timothy introduced a unique concept by only using the things he had within his scope. He showed that no goal is too far for a person to achieve if he has passion and sufficient drive. 

This short film is directed by Alex Correa and his writer friend Moyses Escobedo, and it builds upon the theme previously set by the iconic piece “Get Out.” Timothy went to great lengths to ensure the involvement of legendary actors like Tara Webster, Spencer Moore, Rhied De Castro, along with the sound and crew from Saul Escobedo and Sergio Gonazlez. 

With that said, it is truly inspirational how a few college students came together to make Halloween memorable by completing a short film with little to no money behind the project.

To watch the short movie, visit https://www.instagram.com/_timothykennedy.

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