One Step Closer To The Pandemic’s End: DeepXhub Presents A Solution For Tracking The Accuracy Of Wearing Masks

October 29 23:16 2021

DeepXhub has announced the release of an Open-Source computer vision PPE mask detection solution that uses the latest advancements in computer vision to track the presence as well as the accuracy of people wearing face masks.

The company says it decided to provide an immediate response and offer an Open-Source solution that can be used by all stakeholders from any industry, based on the new requirements of the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

“Our R&D Computer vision team is working hard to deliver and support the production of a full-cycle computer vision system to multiple clients across the USA. In August we learned about new changes in the OSHA regulations and decided to publicly release the results of our recent work on PPE masks detection computer vision solution. This supports USA president Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.’s Executive Order and new OSHA regulations. Considering the extreme importance and urgency of this work, we decided to make it free to use. This enables more companies to leverage the new advancements in machine learning applied to computer vision and safety monitoring.” – CEO of Aimech Technologies Corp. Mr. Dmytro Filatov.

The innovatively driven company maintains that the development represents a visual object detection solution and computer tracking solution for PPE mask recognition, using prominent AI and Machine Learning architectures to improve public safety during a pandemic.

DeepXhub describes the software’s ability as an effective tool in detecting the presence and accuracy of masks on people’s faces. The model, it adds, will automatically mark the failed safety observation cases on the user interface, to enable security supervisors to efficiently limit access to the controlled environment.

The company believes that the solution offers a crucial advantage by enabling more effective monitoring of mask compliance in wide spaces characterized by large crowds.

“Automatic detection of quarantine norms violation drastically reduces the safety incident response time, and helps the controlled environments to stay safe.” – Dmytro Filatov, CEO and Head of AI for DeepXhub.

About DeepXhub

DeepXhub is an R&D-intensive and innovation-driven consortium led by AIMech Technologies (“Omnidetector” product) the United States, and Covijn Ltd (“Co-vision project”) the United Kingdom, that provides Artificial Intelligence-powered Computer Vision solutions for businesses, empowering medium-sized and large enterprise companies with advanced AI-driven solutions since 2018. Its services include computer vision products integration and deployment, machine learning and artificial intelligence systems research. design and development, computer vision development, as well as AI-powered real-time communication solutions.

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