A Tale Of Two Brothers | Michael Angelo Williams

October 30 04:57 2021
A Tale Of Two Brothers | Michael Angelo Williams

Once in a while, a novel is written that reminds us that the world has gotten smaller, but people are still far apart. Such literature gives us deep insights into the struggles of people who face discrimination and prejudice due to their color or ethnicity. Michael Angelo’s E&J is one of those valuable contributions to literature.

Michael Angelo Williams was born and raised in Brooklyn. His passion for music and writing short stories led him to pen a complete fiction novel with a social message that the world needs more right now than ever before. Michael is a firm believer in the Holy Bible, so his book  E&J touches on the aspects of spiritual enlightenment as well.

E&J’ is a Young Adult book by Michael Angelo Williams narrates the fictional tale of two fraternal twin brothers named Esau and Jacob – or E and J. The story begins with a stunning find when an African American couple discovers that one of their newborn sons is light-skinned while the other one is dark. The plot of the story is built around the twins’ life. They undergo a fascinating childhood as fraternal twins coming from same-race parents in an African-American-dominant neighborhood.

The book focuses on the less-known features of the African American culture, mentioning how criminal operations and prostitution nightlife affect youth in the colored race. The book develops viewpoints on teenagehood, family values, racism, and reverse racism, that are bound to challenge all your presumptions.

Michael is forthcoming about the matters of socialization and integrates the issue of racism seamlessly in the story. He believes that truth prevails everything and demonstrates this fact through the realizations of his characters in this beautifully written novel.

E&J’ is self-published by Michael Angelo Williams

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