Kenneth Rampino Talks About Estate Planning and Reasons It is Vital

November 10 02:39 2021
Kenneth Rampino Talks About Estate Planning and Reasons It is Vital
In a recent public service announcement, Kenneth Rampino spoke about estate planning and the reasons it is vital for people.

North Kingstown, RI – November 9, 2021 – Kenneth Rampino, an estate planning law firm in North Kingstown, RI, recently went public to talk about estate planning and the reasons it is important for people. The team wanted the masses to know of the benefits of estate planning and what it can do to serve them. The group wanted to urge people to get estate planning services.

Kenneth Rampino started by explaining what estate planning is. The group said that it can be seen as a will with more offerings. The team said that estate planning is a great way to ensure that people leave their possessions to the people they are comfortable with. Without an estate plan, the team said that there may be squabbles over the possessions or it being reclaimed by the government. The team said that an estate plan is a legal way to ensure that all possessions go to the right person or a party if it is in terms of leaving a legacy such as charity. The team emphasized that it is vital for a person to have an estate plan in case of anything. The team said that an estate plan can be gotten from attorney’s and an explanation of the same can be done.

Kenneth R. Rampino went on to say that elderly law and estate planning are services that go in together. One of the problems that people have when leaving a will is having a person who will ensure that their wills are followed. That is why trusts can be gotten from estate planning attorneys in North Kingstown, RI. The team said trust is a fiduciary agreement where a third party, in this case, an attorney, holds assets on behalf of the beneficiary or beneficiaries. A trust is a legal relationship that will ensure the will of a person is executed. Elderly people can get trust and be at peace knowing that their wills will be executed to the last.

Kenneth Rampino, who is the head of the team went on to mention the benefits of estate planning. Estate planning will ensure that business continues smoothly, inheritance isn’t squandered, and strain is eased on the family among other advantages. Kenneth R. Rampino, Esq. wanted to emphasize the point that an estate plan is one of the best things that a person can do. Any person with assets they want to be in the best hands can get estate planning done with a well-written will, trust, and powers of attorney being put in play.

About Kenneth Rampino

Kenneth Rampino is an attorney in North Kingstown, Rhode Island that specializes in elderly law and estate planning. The team wanted to let people know the benefits of having estate planning.

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