By Carolina Vieira Debuts Brazilian-Style Clothing Line in California

November 15 17:39 2021
By Carolina Vieira provides a wide range of high-quality and carefully handpicked clothing to the fashion-forward woman.

Fashionistas on the hunt for trendy colorful pieces to add to their wardrobe do not need to look far with the debut of By Carolina Vieira in California. This Brazilian fashion brand provides a carefully curated selection of vibrant, high-quality pieces inspired by the very best of Brazilian clothing styles.

The brand’s founder, Carolina Vieira, is a passionate fashionista born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has worked with some of the most famous clothing brands in her country, gaining a wealth of knowledge about Brazilian fashion’s latest trends, styles, and materials.

Brazilian fashion is known for its bright colors, airy quality, and artistic prints. As someone with a deep appreciation for beauty, Vieira thoughtfully handpicks pieces that pay homage to Brazil in her clothing line. She aims to bring authentic fashion pieces that capture the spirit of her homeland, from the famous beaches of Copacabana to the iconic carnival festivals of Rio de Janeiro, to the world using California as a launching pad.

Vieira leverages her experience and expertise to provide lifestyle pieces that accentuate femininity without compromising comfort. She conducts research and carefully chooses each style, keeping up to date with the trend-setters in the Brazilian fashion industry. Her collection encourages confidence and self-expression and celebrates diversity in style.

By Carolina Vieira’s outerwear collections contain bold statement pieces designed for confident, independent, modern women. Its clothing line includes capsule pieces featuring daring yet tasteful dresses, sleek rompers, beautiful tops, jeans, and skirts, among others.

The clothing brand primarily uses light fabrics such as cotton, spandex, and viscose to provide drape, lustrous feel, and comfort from day to night. Each piece is meticulously manufactured in Brazil by experts Vieira trusts. No corners were cut in creating each item, ensuring excellence in every cut, seam, pattern, and stitch. By Carolina Vieira guarantees premium-quality items and satisfaction.

Recently, the fashion label has launched its collection for Fall 2021. The collection features gorgeous dresses, tricot sweaters with dynamic prints, chic Pantalona pants, and ruffle skirts. It also includes burgundy pants made from vegan leather. This is specially crafted for excellent stretch and recovery to ensure a perfect fit in every wear.

The brand’s garments are versatile to suit any occasion, from formal to casual. It caters to all body types and sizes. Slim or heavyset, By Carolina Vieira offers the trendiest Brazilian clothing styles to all women.

By Carolina Vieira’s collection is available for shipping domestically and internationally. Browse the brand’s products here:

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