Dr. Bridget Steele Launches a New Course Focused on Building Black Girls’ Confidence in STEM

November 17 02:42 2021
Through her courses, Dr. Steele connects girls with high-impact instruction and resources to build their excitement in STEM fields.

It’s no secret that science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields are sorely lacking in female representation, especially women of color. With only 2% of STEM jobs held by Black women, one educator and STEM professional is out to change that narrative.

Dr. Bridget Steele has recently launched her new “brand” to boost Black girls’ interest in all aspects of STEM in addition to learning how to overcome social and educational challenges. Through her results-driven instructional programs, Dr. Steele aims to sustain the growth of Black women throughout their entire educational career and prepare them for futures in STEM professions.

Throughout her career, Dr. Steele has been a highly sought-after speaker, researcher, and practitioner in STEM issues, especially those pertaining to education.

In creating her programs, Dr. Steele has leveraged her own experiences as a Black woman in the STEM field and as an educator. She holds a Ph.D. in math education and has helped hundreds of students overcome math anxiety throughout her professional career. Her experience includes 18 combined years as an educator at the secondary and post-secondary levels and additional experiences as a math tutor for organizations such as the National Society of Black Engineers. Over the course of her career, she has also researched, recommended, and overseen programs that help schools improve student outcomes in math.

Her new brand is focused on continuing her passion for math education by helping to open doors to careers in STEM, especially, for Black girls. Opening these doors starts with assisting them in building their confidence and abilities. Dr. Steele helps girls do this with her high-impact B.O.S.S.E.S. (Brilliant Outcome of STEM Sistas in Education and Society) course, a blended instructional experience that empowers girls to take charge of their education as well as their mindset.

Through B.O.S.S.E.S., Dr. Steele and her students explore real-world situations and lessons in a small cohort format over six weeks. STEM concepts and tenacity are built in a personalized way due to the small class structure in her courses and an individualized approach to instruction and assignments. Course activities include videos and workbooks, live discussions, STEM activities, journal prompts, projects, and social activities to boost personal assurance and STEM success in a holistic way.

“Conventional approaches to education are failing so many students today, especially young Black women. This is evidenced in the lack of them pursuing STEM fields,” said Dr. Steele. “Through my B.O.S.S.E.S. program, tearing down traditional methods of instruction and rebuilding it into a better educational framework that takes individual needs into account while also applying evidence-based approaches to STEM education, including personal confidence and growth mindset, are a must. Armed with this new determination, students will learn to enjoy these fields and get excited about them, naturally leading to more Black girls pursuing STEM professions.”

To learn more about Dr. Steele and her B.O.S.S.E.S. course, visit https://drbjsteele.com/.

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