Solution Focused Schools Unlimited Changing the Lives of At-Risk Students

November 17 08:57 2021
Students are Excelling and Discipline Issues are Absent.

The third annual Solution Focused School Conference left participants speechless as nineteen presenters showed how a new mindset in teachers and school staff could transform the most challenging and at-risk students into success stories. Hosted by Linda Metcalf, M.Ed., Ph.D., author of Counseling Toward Solutions, (1995, 2008, 2021) the conference presenters repeatedly spoke of schools in Johannesburg, S Africa, Israel, Budapest, UK, Austin, TX, Canada and more that used Metcalf’s work to transform troubled students. “The solution focused approach is an evidence-based counseling approach that I now teach to all educators,” says Linda Metcalf, author of eleven books and international trainer of the solution focused approach in schools.

“Most school staff only know how to be problem focused, and seek to understand why a student fails. Yet, that rarely works, because too much understanding of problems can make educators feel helpless and they give up. The solution focused approach uses a new lens to see students as capable experts, in spite of their background, who can describe what works for them in class, when simply asked. This has become invaluable opportunity in team, RTI and 504 conversations, said Metcalf.”

Teachers can also use the mindset in their classroom management, watching out for what works slightly for students at risk in their classroom or other classrooms and asking students what they need from them as teachers. The result has been the highest form of engagement and as a result, respect appears where before, there was only frustration.

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