Alicea Davis tackles the racial divide with love and God

November 17 16:28 2021

If you are tired of hearing about the racial divide and are ready for unity, then Alicea Davis is the poet for you. Her words reflect moving on as an African American who has lamented for years and just wants change within herself, her community, and the world. Her poetry is like lamenting but with a positive resolution on every one. It takes you to the pain, through the pain, and past the pain. So if you ever wondered how African-Americans can get past slavery, segregation, Jim crow, racial disparities, and the like, listen to Alicea Davis’ poetry, you can walk a mile in her shoes with each page, her poems are power packed pills of harmony. Even the depths of her soul, the war within her inner being makes peace in her poem, I Reconcile With Me, when she addresses the slave master’s DNA in her own blood makeup. Her company, Esteem Builders Productions houses the intellectual property of unity written by her.

She goes deep but comes out on top like she encourages all African Americans to do with her March Forth Movement. A movement for all but especially for African Americans to get past division in their hearts from reactionary racism, but to sit down and celebrate diversity WITH WHITES through a party and not just a guilt or shame conversation.

You can catch Alicea on her website as the events are opening up from Corona, which slowed her down a bit. You can catch up on unity with her nonprofit, Friends of Reconciliation, Inc. and see a whole community in Southeast Michigan learn to reconcile through music, song, and dance…and of course poetry! Her approach is unique because she uses dialogue in her plays that she writes to tackle stereotypes that appear just from the sounds of hearing a name with an urban flare. You can catch that on her March Forth Holiday page. Watch the inauguration of the March Forth Holiday for a full dose of unity.

She is leading the charge of reconciliation and it is time that the nation catches up to the spirit of unity through her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Not forced religion but a loving refresher by the God who created the universe. Not the Crusade killers or the KKK who misrepresented unity and Christ. Alicea wants to help redeem the name of Jesus Christ and black America because both are loving but their truth has been hidden through others who are in darkness. Many Christians are afraid to share Christ because of persecution and reputation from stigma and Corrupt Christianity which Alicea speaks of in her poem Bible Belt Beatings which can be found on Soundcloud for free. There is a cost to have Alicea at your bookings and events, but she offers so many freebies online that you can get a dose of unity just by visiting her website, or her nonprofit’s website, www.WeAreFor.Love

Consider supporting Alicea Joy Davis on Patreon or becoming a sustainable partner with her nonprofit so that they can achieve racial healing without any hindrances.

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