Understand What True Equality is with EdLove’s Love Unity Equality

November 18 18:09 2021
Coming together in love and unity – from all ethnic backgrounds.

The book hit the bestseller charts and became #1 on Amazon.

The United States of America – the country where so many have fought to become a citizen and few have chosen to leave – proves it’s still the greatest in the world. However, it really can’t be argued that it is also the divided states of America, and many may question the country’s title of the greatest. After all, are its leaders anywhere close to being united? Divided describes the relationship very well – not just the leaders but also the masses they lead. Only a portion of its people sees themselves as to all Americans, all one, and all equal.

A country that is full of diverse ethnic groups and skin tones prefers to be identified not as Americans but as different races and colors, which only keeps its people divided rather than united. This has always led to the “us and them” mentality, with those who are not part of the so-called white race often becoming the victims, particularly those who have been labeled as black. Ed Hudson AKA EdLove also the founder of Love Unity Equality, believes the only way to have true equality is when people come together in love and unity from all ethnic backgrounds and skin tones. He discusses all of this and nearly every issue relating to racism in regards to the black-white dichotomy in his Amazon bestseller, which is essentially an in-depth look at Love Unity Equality.

According to the team behind Black and White, it Ain’t Right and Love Unity Equality, “Ed’s vision to create Love Unity Equality starts with reading his Amazon bestseller which he is confident will benefit anyone who reads it. In particular, moving them closer to the culture described above that we are all Americans, all one, and all equal. Ed welcomes the opportunity to discuss his book and this very important topic.

Black and White, it Ain’t Right can be purchased on Amazon and More information about Love Unity Equality can be found at http://www.loveunityequality.com/.

About Love Unity Equality

Love Unity Equality is an organization founded by Ed Hudson AKA EdLove that promotes true equality through love and unity from all ethnic backgrounds. Ed has a master’s level education but a doctorate from life experience in understanding the Black White Dichotomy that I am a veteran and founder of the website and most importantly this book has answers to racism particularly the Black White Dichotomy that has always plagued our country.

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