The Basic Knowledge Point Of Plate Compactor And Tamping Rammer

November 18 14:02 2021

Plate Compactor and Tamping rammer

Building a solid foundation is incredibly important to the whole building. This almost necessitates the use of compaction machinery, to consolidate the foundation and help customers complete the project to its maximum potential. It is rugged, durable, and economical, giving ease of maintenance and operation.


With novel, compact design, the compactor is well suited for use to tamp asphalt, soil, sand, gravel, grit, other granular materials in civil engineering, road construction, and gardening projects.

Forward Plate Compactor

As our best-selling tamping equipment, the C-60 and C-80 forward plate compactor features an advanced shock-absorbing handle design that reduces 50% more vibration felt by operators than is possible with an ordinary plate compactor. For brick paving application, the compactor is specially equipped with a rubber mat for option. Where the tamping equipment is used to flatten and tighten up hot and cold asphalts, it is fitted with a water sprinkler that keeps the adhering asphalt particles from building up along the vibratory plate.

Currently available forward plate compactor models include: C-60, C-77, C-80/C-90/C-100/C-120

C-60 Honda GX160 plate compactor 132Lbs with Compaction Force 10.5KN Vibratory plate 20 × 14 Inch Plate for Paving Sidewalks EPA/CE Standard

• A perfect combination of practicality and performance, provides durable products for both the typical homeowner and professional contractor

• vibratory plate compactor model delivers powerful blows per minute courtesy of its 5.5 HP engine, making it ideal for residential paving projects

• Can be used in multiple jobs such as working on paving, landscaping, sidewalk, patio project, providing professional results

• Fold-up transport wheels are attached and able to be used anytime from anywhere on the jobsite

• Effective Base Area: 20 x 14″; Vibration Frequency: 5800; Compaction force 10.5KN; Forward Speed (Soil) CM/S (IN/S): 25 (9.8)

77KGS/90KGS/120KGS Plate Compactor with HONDA GX160/Robin EY20/ Loncin GF200 Gasoline engine

The use of 13.5KN /15.0KN/20.0KN forward plate compactor is essentially to reduce the risk of disintegrated soil structure. It makes the soil particles evenly distributed within the space of a compacted layer. Among an assortment of models in the same series, C-77, C-90, and C-120 are box-shaped compactors that feature simple designs. They also give better compaction effect than other models in this series.

Optional Attachments• Foldable handle• Trolley wheel• Rubber mat• Cast iron or aluminum vibratory unit

C-80/C-90 6.5HP Loncin Gas Vibration Compaction Force Industry Plate Compactor Construction 13.0KN Force Heavy Duty Equipment w/Water Tank

• Ideally used for finishing asphalt, sand, and sloped surfaces while working within narrow confined areas; Can be used in multiple jobs such as working on walkways, patios, paver installations or asphalting projects

• Single-direction plate compactor is ideal for smaller jobs like trenches, retaining walls and other tight areas that don’t require as much compaction

• The compactor features an adjustable control throttle, cushioned handlebars, engine-oil drain tube, and attached wheel kit for easy transportation

• Engine type : Forced Air -Cooled , 4 -Stroke Gasoline Engine 6.5HP; Max power 4.8KW (6.5HP) (3600RPM)

• Effective base area :21 x 20 Inch (530 x 500 mm); Impact force : 13.0KN Force; Compaction area : Max 7100 ft2/ hr ; Compaction depth Max 300mm (12 Inch)

C-100 Vibratory plate compactor with vibration force 19.8KN CE Standard

• Powerful: Loncin 6.5hp, Robin 5.0hp or Honda 5.5hp as optional, producing 19.8kn of force at7 , 000 blows per minute

• Maneuverable with our unique swing-over handle and the compact 18x 24-3/4″ Contoured edge plate

• Fast travel speed = productivity; single direction plate travels up to 45cm per minute

• Vibration isolators between the welded Steel plate and the engine reduce vibration extending the engine’s life

• Easily transportable with lift handles at the plate, as well as central lifting/load Bar

• Power Source Type: Gas Powered or Diesel Engine

Reversible Plate Compactor

The reversible plate compactor includes a reversible plate to allow smooth transition between forward and reverse travel. It is a preferred method with which workers can cope with trench compaction, road repair, concrete substrate construction, and general maintenance work. There is an assortment of reversible plate compactor models that are suitable for use in asphalt applications, including C-125, C-160, C-270, and C-330.

C-125 278Lbs vibratory plate compactor with vibration Force 25.0KN Plate compactor size 25x16inch

Petrol-powered, easy to service and mechanical control system, special for trench, building highway, resurfacing street

• Superior compaction in any direction, forward and reverse

• Ideal for sand, gravel and mixed soils in narrow trenches and along foundations, walls and abutments

• Easy-to-reach located controls

• Large shock mounts reduce vibration to the handle

• Heavy-duty shock mounts reduce vibration to the upper deck

• Wear-resistant base plates extend life open design reduces dirt building

• Centrally-located lifting bar allows easy transport in and out of trenches

• Wrap around protection cage protects the plate from accidental job-site damage

• Heavy duty industrial throttle control is available as optional

• Trolley wheel for easy transportation is available as optional

• Using different petrol engines for special demand, Like HONDA ,Robin ,Loncin or Diesel Engine.

C-160 160KGS Reversible Plate Compactor with heavy duty design

Using different petrol engines for special demand, Like HONDA GX270 9HP ,Robin EY28 7.5HP ,Longcin GF270 9HP or Diesel Engine 178F 6.0HP

• Low cost to maintenance and usage, reliable durability make it,

• The most economical plate compactor in the construction market.

• Comparing to our normal compactors, the series special design single direction edger compact plate compactor are designed for compacting COHESIVE soils, such as clay and silt in small repair jobs and in narrow confined areas, such as trenches or housing sites. But they also could be used on sand and gravel.


• Compaction force of 30.5KN

• Delivers 4,000 VPM

• 35cm per minute travel speed

• Sealed belt cover for clutch and belt protection

• Rated 9HP at 3,600 RPM

• Working efficiency :570 m2/hr (6100 ft2/hr)

• Plate size: 73*37cm (29*15inch) with extension size 73*13cm (29*5inch)

C-270/C-330 270KGS/321KGS Reversible plate compactor machine with vibration Force 36.0KN

• Reversible-direction plate compactor delivers 36.0KN of force to create a solid foundation for walkways, patios, landscaping and more

• Designed to compact granular soils and crushed aggregate up to 90cm deep

• Powered by a 9 HP, 270cc OHV Powerhorse engine to deliver results on tough jobs

• Delivers 3750 vibrations per minute to achieve results quickly

• Travels at speeds of 35cm per minute, so you can compact 6950 sq. ft. in just an hour’s time.

Tamping Rammer

Our tamping rammer is specifically intended for rough terrain applications. It features a well balanced structure, and won’t tip over during turning corners or vibrating. The machine can be operated with ease, even in limited spaces like narrow trenches for gas or water supply pipes.

Tamping rammer is most commonly used to compact sticky soil such as clay and clayey silt in sewer trenches or various other housing sites. Of course, the tamping rammer can tamp sands and gravels.including TR-85/HCK90K/HCR90K-2,HCD80-/HCD90 /HCD80G

TR-85 MIKASA TYPE JUMPING JACK Tamping Rammer Compactor Tamper for Asphalt Cohesive Soil 4 HP Robin EH12 Engine and Wheel Kit

• The new design with big vibrating force 15.6KN

• Strong protect frame for the gasoline engine

• It has reliable Subaru 4-strock EH12 4.0HP Gasoline engine with double-filter, which achieves the lower discharging and lower voice

• With Working Timer as optional

• The heavy duty shock mitigation system can reduce the vibration effect on the worker hand and arm, which can improve the working amenity

• The plywood-veneered tamping plate reinforced by iron board has the advanced points of pressurization and anti-impacting .

• The high density polytene fuel tank is good at anti-corrosion .

HCR90K (TR80) Vibrating Tamping rammer with gasoline engine GX160 5.5HP for Earth Sand

The HCR90K comes with financial benefits, as it saves labor hour and money. It is reliable, long-lasting, and economical.

• The rammer exerts an average 13KN pounding force into the ground.

• Easier startup, lower operation noise, and less fuel consumption that a 2-stroke engine.

• The 4-stroke engine does need require mixing gasoline and oil as energy source. Choices of engines include Honda, Robin, and Chinese engine.

• Attractive exterior

• Aluminum housing is lightweight and shockproof.

• Four springs ensure the pounding force is evenly distributed over the base plate.

• The high-quality bellow accepts more pounding force and offers splash lubrication that can lower the friction noise of machine parts.

• Shock-absorbing rubbers are coated on the operating handle to reduce the vibration felt by the operators and improve operating comfort.

Tamping rammer manufacturer Jumping Jack Tamper with 3~4HP /220v~380v Electric motor Compaction Force 10.0KNLow cost to maintenance and usage, reliable durability make it, maybe the most economical Rammer in the market.

• Electric tamping rammer is driven by our electric engines designed specially for rammers.

• Heavy shock mount system to reduce hand-arm vibration and improve operator comfort.

• Electric Motor Tamping rammer shoe made of steel plate with wooden insert offers economical usage.

• The guide handle offers a highly engineered shock mount system to reduce HAV and improve operator comfort.

• Heavy shock mount system reduces hand-arm vibration and improve comfort.

• Convenient roller on tamping rammer for easy loading.

• Perfectly balanced while delivering ideal compaction with controlled jumping motions without affecting the impact force.

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