Strategic Mastermind, redefining marketing strategy for businesses across the U.S.A.

November 18 19:30 2021
J. Michael Strategies Launches “Strategic Mastermind,” Helping Companies Build Effective Marketing Strategies

Improving company performance begins with marketing strategy; this is the starting line. And defining these strategic marketing objectives are vital to success. Unfortunately, many organizations (nine out of 10 by some estimates) hold marketing strategy meetings but then fail to execute. J. Michael Strategies wants to change this pattern by providing practical, actionable strategies to help companies achieve their desired results and succeed.  

J. Michael Strategies recently launched Strategic Mastermind a forum that provides clients with a team of experts focused on fine-tuning companies’ marketing strategy in a “think tank” setting. J. Michael Strategies is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Joe Pellegrino Jr. and Andrew Beach. Their boutique marketing consulting operation launched in 2019. Through the COVID-19 pandemic and by way of an ever-present entrepreneurial drive, partners Joe Jr. and Andrew transformed J. Michael Strategies into a powerhouse that has built, grown and scaled businesses all over the United States. The firm now builds comprehensive digital marketing strategies for small- to mid-sized businesses. This includes consulting, asset evaluation, market research, design and development, and implementation.

The launch of their Strategic Mastermind program is intended to meet the demand of business owners throughout the country that are seeking real marketing counsel, while avoiding the fluff and flash that is endemic to the industry. During these Strategic Mastermind sessions, the team at J. Michael Strategies works to find the most effective and actionable strategies that will produce the ultimate desired results. These 3 to 4-hour intensive strategy meetings are held in a live environment between their panel of experts and the client’s team. Company’s data is analyzed and decisions are made about course-correction and adjustments. Because it’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day operations, these strategy meetings serve to keep companies on track and the most important objectives at the center of the business decision-making process.

No one is “too far along” or “too early” to apply for a J. Michael Strategic Mastermind. Regardless of a company’s status, a results-oriented strategy is necessary for growth. Whether it’s a start-up company or an already established business, the bottom line relies on the success of marketing efforts. An effective marketing plan is not one size fits all – each company is unique. Therefore, the exact way a company plans and executes marketing should match their mission and brand.

“I started this company and launched the Strategic Mastermind program because I myself was in the shoes of many of these frustrated business owners. It becomes clear, at a point, that just throwing money at marketing is not an effective solution. On the other hand, having a small budget can make an owner feel paralyzed. That being the case, if we’re to drive real results for our clients, we need to provide them with strategies that are practical, actionable and actually fit their operation, their needs AND their capacity. Whether they work with us in the end or not, we want them to have the best shot at success.” Joe Pellegrino, Founder & CEO of J. Michael Strategies.

J. Michael Strategies’ ultimate goal is to clearly define a company’s winning and most actionable strategies for their campaign. The first step to making that happen is taking the time to review it. There’s a saying, “what gets measured gets done.” But it’s not going to get measured unless it gets looked at. That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to set time aside to look at a company from all angles and uncover strategies. Only then can businesses start seeing results. 

About J. Michael Strategies

Founded in 2019, J. Michael Strategies takes a practical pragmatic approach to marketing and is results-oriented. The team holds themselves accountable, their mission is to serve with transparency and integrity while providing empowering marketing counsel, out-of-the-box campaigns and data-driven strategy. 

They have grown dozens of businesses with a comprehensive direct-to-consumer strategy that makes sense. They have also built electric new streams of revenue for new and established businesses, and scaled explosive passive income ventures.

J. Michael Strategies is the best at what they do because they are entrepreneurs just like their clients. They grow their business by growing their clients’. Build, Grow or Scale Your Business, It All Starts With The Right Marketing Strategy. For more information about “Strategic Mastermind” and J. Michael Strategies, please visit their website,

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