Ftmmachinery Accelerates the Recycling of Municipal Solid Waste

November 18 19:45 2021
Ftmmachinery offers all kinds of crushers and screening equipment to process the municipal solid waste, in order to convert it into the valuable and environmentally friendly raw materials more quickly and effectively.

Yearly 2.1 billon tons of Municipal Solid Waste is produced, but only 16% is recycled

BBC shows that Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) production has been steadily climbing every year. 

However, countless dumping and landfilling is not able to handle all the trash efficiently, because it usually takes one thousand years or more to decompose. Plastics, for example, cannot be biodegradable thereby they will stay in the landfill site forever.


“China and India account for more than 36% of the global population, and garbage accounts for 27%”, says BBC, “The U.S. produces 12% of the world’s trash, and it ranks No.1 in per-capita waste, three times the global average of waste and seven times that of Ethiopians.”

In terms of recycling, the U.S. only recycled 35% of MSW. Among all the countries, Germany is the most efficient country as it recycled 68% of the trash.

Due to the decreasing natural resources and sustainable development, accelerate recycling must be put in an important position.

“Crushing is the key to accelerate recycling”

Noah Thompson, the chief expert of Ftmmachinery, says “Municipal solid waste of different shapes and sizes, such as rocks, coke cans, glass bottles, and newspapers, are mixed and piled together. Before being fully utilized, the trash is required to be crushed to the right grain size first, and then screened and sorted.”

Crush trash for easier processing

Obviously, the crushed trash is much easier to be processed, which effectively speeds up the whole recycling process. The quicker and more efficient the recycling process is, the more valuable Municipal Solid Waste turns out to be as raw materials.   

What can be recycled?

Over the past 20 year, Ftmmachinery is always keeping the faith of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.  

Here is a newest recycling list. Remember that everything with a recycling mark on the bottom can be recycled separately. 

What can be recycled?


Example: Cardboard boxes, newspapers, etc.

Recycling 1 ton of paper can save 17 trees, representing a 64% reduction in energy consumption, a 58% reduction in water usage, and a 60-pound reduction of air pollution.

Metal cans

Example: Aluminum cans, steel cans, etc. 

Recycling 1 ton of coke cans can save 2 tons of bauxite. And 3 tons of bauxite can produce 1 ton of aluminum. 


Example: glass jars and bottles. 

Glass bottles and jars can be crushed to produce new bottles and glass sand, which can help obtain a pretty good benefit.

Construction and demolition waste 

Example: concrete, asphalt, gypsum wastes, etc. 

Construction and demolition waste can be crushed and processed in the factories. After processing, they are widely used for paving the driveway. 

Plant waste

Plant waste can be used as the soil fertilizer. Besides, rice husks and coconut shells can be used to produce pure natural charcoal briquettes for BBQ. 


Example: Batteries, iPad, computers, mobile phones, etc.

The recycling of E-waste may cause some unknown dangers for workers and communities. Thus, great care should be taken to avoid unsafe exposure to lead, cadmium, beryllium, and other metals.


Example: plastic bottles, bags, etc. 

The recycling of plastics can consume less energy than it takes to make it from oil. The world is rapidly running out of oil. Besides, the recycling of plastic can effectively decrease the soil and water pollution. 


For any person who is interested in recycling, especially the environmentalists, Ftmmachinery can offer the most professional advice and great help. 

Undoubtedly, recycling is a long-term project. It will consume large quantities of time and efforts. Only by realizing how human beings are polluting the earth and taking action to reduce Municipal Solid Waste, can recycling have the real meaning. 

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