Tidy Doggy® Officially Launches On Amazon For Dog Parents Worldwide

November 18 14:56 2021
Tidy Doggy® Officially Launches On Amazon For Dog Parents Worldwide
Super absorbent dog waste solidifier, Tidy Doggy, goes live on the Amazon marketplace to help pet parents across the globe “collect the uncollectable”

The team at Tidy Doggy, led by the passionate pet lover, Lorenzo Barichella, has created a groundbreaking product, a super absorbent powder used to solidify dog liquid waste, such as diarrhea, puppy pee, vomit, drool, and blood. The first-of-its-kind product has been officially launched on Amazon, to help pet parents collect soft dog poop, puppy pee, and other liquid waste.

Working with several dogs every day I must pick up a lot of dog poop, and unfortunately about 1 in 5 dogs suffers from soft poop or diarrhea, as dogs easily share viruses, bugs and they love scavenging. For this reason, I felt that I had to find a solution to this problem. I’ve been studying and researching a lot, until I found the perfect formula that is not only very effective to solidify liquid dog waste, it is also non-toxic, non-allergenic, biodegradable, and environment friendly. All the rest is history: Tidy Doggy®is now a reality and it is available from Amazon marketplace,” said Lorenzo Barichella.

One of the major challenges faced by millions of dog lovers across the globe is cleaning up the litter of their pets and it gets, even more, overwhelming for liquid wastes. Unfortunately, many of the solutions in the pet care market do not cater to liquid waste, which is where Lorenzo Barichella aims to change the narrative with the creation of Tidy Doggy.

Tidy Doggy is user-friendly, requiring users to just pour a bit of powder on the waste fluid to solidify it and allow them to scrape and scoop it up with a little cardboard before putting it in a poop bag for proper disposal. The ease of using Tidy Doggy makes it suitable in every situation, even during a walk while saving the environment from stench resulting from dog poop.


The goal is to keep dogs and spaces as clean as possible, with Lorenzo, the founder of Training Dog, a successful franchise network of professional dog trainers in West London, leveraging his experience working with dogs to create the innovative soft dog poop solution. Lorenzo is also popular in Kensington, where he is considered a celebrity, known for sharing his unique style and training methods with dog owners.

For more information about Tidy Doggy and how to get the product, visit – https://tidydoggy.com. Tidy Doggy can also be found across social media, including Facebook and YouTube.

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