Bestselling author Angela Bell wants women to stop waiting for permission to go after their goals

November 19 00:06 2021
Get rid of the mom guilt and set an example for your kids by using your voice and achieving your dreams.

Angela Bell went through her childhood knowing she was going to be a lawyer. But the job wasn’t exactly what she expected. “I’ve always believed that there should be justice and there should be a just society. Ever since I was a little kid, I always sought to make things fair and equal for people, and something about the legal profession appealed to that side of me. I wanted to make it okay for everybody on all sides,” she says. But although she worked for a great law firm and enjoyed the experience, she could see that the ways she wanted to impact people couldn’t really be done in a courtroom.

So her next move was to go into business with her dad—another lifelong dream—which was enormously successful until he suddenly passed away in a car accident. Angela had given birth to her twins not even two years earlier, and as she and her family tried to keep the business on track they began to struggle. Ultimately the business failed. “Over time I can see it as a blessing in disguise—not losing my dad, obviously—but losing the business,” she says. “I wasn’t happy anymore. After my dad was gone, it wasn’t my dream anymore. And I was working so hard and these long hours, coming home, making dinner, putting my kids to bed, going back to the office after that so that I could work more, getting three, four hours sleep a night, literally just working myself death.”

One thing losing her dad and her business taught her was that she could survive tragedy and pick herself back up. And if she could do it, other people could do it. And going back to her childhood ideas of helping others, Angela pivoted to coaching—specifically coaching women with big dreams who were afraid to let themselves go for those goals, or who felt it was somehow inappropriate if they were moms. “My kids came early and everybody kind of looked at me like I was just supposed to stay home all of a sudden,” she recounts. “And I’d always been an ambitious person. I loved big goals. But anytime I’d say, ‘I’m going back to work,’ I would get a response like ‘Really? Don’t you think you should be with your kids?’ And something about that really bothered me. It just crawled under my skin. Why do people think that becoming a mom suddenly means that women can’t do other things? Or that we don’t want to do other things, or that we don’t still need to do other things to feel fulfilled?”

Now she helps women reclaim their voices and give themselves permission to go after their goals without feeling bad about it. Not just for the sake of the women themselves but because, she says, society loses when these women exit the workforce. “They are brilliant, creative, strong, problem-solvers. They’re compassionate, they’re so many things. And when we put them in a box and we say, ‘This is where you have to stay now. Feel really bad if you try to venture outside that box,’ the whole world misses out. I want to do something about that.”

Read more about how Angela helps moms get clear on their purpose while leaving mom guilt behind in the inspiring new book Moms Who Boss Up Post-Pandemic, by Tam Luc, the author, educator, and podcaster dedicated to helping women “boss up.” The book collects 16 interviews with moms who are side hustlers and multitaskers, who faced the uncertainties of the Covid pandemic—and other obstacles—by embracing their strengths and finding their authentic paths. They have so much to share and to teach, and while every story is unique, there is creativity and perseverance at the core of each one.

Connect with Angela at her website: or on Instagram @I.Am.AngelaBell and on Facebook, where she is Angela Bell. You can also learn more about her at, where you can find a link to Moms Who Boss Up Post-Pandemic. And don’t miss all the dynamic and supportive women from the Women Who Boss Up book series who are scheduled to speak at the upcoming Women Who Boss Up Summit!

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