Bestselling author Nicole Odom Hardnett promises there is a better way

November 19 01:27 2021
Devoted to the stigmatized population of people with substance use disorder or mental health issues, she uses her own experience to help others break free of destructive habits.

Two things Nicole Odom Hardnett has always known: She’s a born businesswoman and she’s fascinated by our brains. But she had no idea that eventually she would combine her business smarts with her curiosity about why people behave the way they do and create an incredibly successful career for herself. “I knew I was cut out to run circles around people,” she says. “But I never dreamed of being where I am today.”

Where she is today is presiding over four branches of Focus Point Behavioral Health, clinics that help people with alcohol and substance use disorders or other mental health issues. She feels passionate about guiding people who are struggling to find their better life, even as she acknowledges that the path is not easy. “I know it’s a lot easier said than done. But when it’s drugs or alcohol, the longer you stay, the longer you keep using, the worse it’s going to be, the harder it’s going to be to quit. Or if you’re in an abusive relationship—well, yeah, I’ve been there too. You know, unfortunately, the more excuses that you make, the harder it’s going to be to leave. I know it’s hard to just pack your stuff and go, but sometimes you must do that and deal with the consequences. I’ve had to do that too.” Her bottom line: “Don’t keep doing what you’re doing if you know it’s not working for you. There is a better way.”

Nicole’s own experiences come into play not only in the clinics but in her other business, too: her coaching consultancy called Talk to Nicole. Her coaching specialty is relationships, especially those within blended families. “I’m in a blended family. We have seven kids altogether, and one powerhouse of a grandson.” The first years of her own blend, she notes, were rocky, nearly unbearable. But with reflection and patience, she flipped the script. Now, she says, “I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

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To connect with Nicole as a coaching client, visit To learn about her clinics in Maryland, visit Or email her at [email protected] You can also learn more about her at, where you can find a link to Moms Who Boss Up Post-Pandemic. And don’t miss all the dynamic and supportive women from the Women Who Boss Up book series who are scheduled to speak at the upcoming Women Who Boss Up Summit!

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