New Sleek Magnetic Charge Phone Holder Becomes A Big Seller On Sparkly Shopping Store

November 19 21:03 2021
The new phone holder has been credited for keeping mobile devices in place while the vehicle is moving, and avoiding the problems of distractive driving

The Sleek Magnetic Charge Phone Holder available on the Sparkly Shopping Store platform is gaining huge attention for its design, affordability, and its ability to keep a mobile device in place no matter how rough a journey is.

The new mobile phone holder has been designed and produced using modern technology to avoid problems other mobile phone holders have. Those problems include the mobile holder not having a strong enough grip to keep the phone in place, and not being able to stay secure on a bumpy road. The Anti-slip and anti-scratch design provides a smooth, dependable hold.

Since being launched, it has continued to receive positive reviews. It has become one of the most written about mobile phone holders of 2021. It has been described as one of the best mobile phone holders on the market, and now it is available at its lowest price.

Mobile phone holders are one of the most important car accessories a vehicle owner can have. A good quality mobile device holder like the Sleek Magnetic Charge Phone Holder helps to reduce the number of vehicle accidents.

In the USA there are around 1.2 million accidents that are caused by a mobile device being in the car. That is down to the mobile phone not being properly secured in a vehicle. When a mobile phone is not in a safe and secure position in a vehicle it can distract the driver. In fact, nine people each day lose their life due to their mobile phones and distractive driving.

A spokesman for explained the importance of the Sleek Magnetic Phone Holder: “Our new phone holder allows the driver to know that their mobile device will be secured at all times while the vehicle is moving. Unlike many other cell holders on the market, it will not lose its grip on the mobile device and fall on the floor, causing a shock to the driver and distracting him.”

To learn more about the new mobile phone holder, and to see why it has become one of the most recommended on the market, please visit

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