Employee Background Screening Professionals Explain Common Misconceptions

November 19 17:24 2021

Background checks are an everyday element of the hiring process, but many people do not know much about how they work. CredentialCheck, a leading employment background screening company, clears up some of the most common misconceptions that employees and employers have.

While most people will have background screening conducted on them at several points throughout life, the process remains a mystery to many. The following are some of the three most common misconceptions about background checks as well as the truth.

#1: All Reports Contain the Same Information

Background screening companies like CredentialCheck offer a wide range of reports that focus on different specialties. A criminal record check will contain very different information than a driving record check, which will differ significantly from a credit check, and so on. Furthermore, two reports of the same variety may also contain different information depending on the scope. For example, running a criminal record check with a wide scope will take longer but be more thorough. A criminal record check with a narrow scope will come back quicker but may omit important details.

#2: Screening Is Very Expensive

It’s true that background screening will cost a company money, but an unwanted lawsuit will cost you more. In many cases, screening is a necessity for legal compliance. Likewise, background checks can help organizations hire with greater confidence and build a more effective team. Most importantly, a comprehensive background check can be cost-effective; CredentialCheck and other agencies have a variety of affordable solutions for employers of all sizes.

#3: No Action Is Required After Disqualifying a Candidate

Disqualifying a candidate based on information gathered from a pre-employment background check is called “adverse action.” Adverse action is carefully regulated by federal and state law. An employer must undergo the appropriate stages and complete the correct paperwork to disqualify a candidate in a legally compliant manner. The team at CredentialCheck helps streamline this process to ensure compliance.

To learn more about the employee background screening solutions available from CredentialCheck, call (888) 689-2000. Information regarding their services for employers is also available online. Their company is based in Troy, MI, and serves businesses and organizations across the United States.

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