Difference Between Center Drive Lathe and Double Spindle CNC Lathe

November 19 18:14 2021

The Center-Drive Lathe is an efficient, high-precision, and advanced manufacturing equipment, with several domestic leading technologies. The parts can be clamped once to complete the outer circle, end face, and inner hole of the two ends of the workpiece at the same time, and the parts can be clamped twice Compared with the traditional process of U-turn processing, the medium-drive lathe has higher production efficiency and higher coaxial precision of the processed parts. At present, our company has developed more than ten specifications of double-headed products and has been introduced to the market. Clamping The diameter ranges from φ5mm-φ250mm, and the processing length ranges from 140mm-2500mm.

Another type of product is a Double Spindle CNC Lathe, which is suitable for turning disc or short shaft parts with a diameter of Φ200mm and a maximum inner hole length of 120mm. The parts are automatically docked through dual spindles to complete all processing of the two sequences. The above two types of CNC lathes can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading and storage devices to realize fully automatic production.

Single/double headstock

Tool post: rotary/row tool/power

Hydraulic fixture: collet type, claw type

Multi-configuration/multi-function for selection

Center-drive lathe Advantages

1. Concentration of processes, reducing the number of workpiece clamping times.

2. Once clamping, both ends will be processed at the same time.

3. Shorten the production process.

4. Equipped with loading and unloading devices and storage devices to realize fully automated production.

5. The workpiece is clamped in the middle position, the clamping is reliable, and the torque required to transmit the machine cutting is sufficient, and a large margin can be turned.

Machine introduction

The Center Drive Lathe adopts 45° inclined bed layout, which has good rigidity and easy chip evacuation. The headstock with intermediate drive clamping function is arranged in the middle of the bed, and the two tool holders are arranged on both sides of the headstock. The rolling guide is adopted, and each servo feed shaft adopts a high-mute ball screw, and the elastic coupling is directly connected, and the noise is low, the positioning accuracy and the repeated positioning precision are high..

Equipped with a dual-channel control system, the two tool rests can be linked to the spindle at the same time or separately to complete simultaneous or sequential processing of both ends of the part. The machine tool adopts a modular design and can have a variety of structure, configuration, and function combinations according to your needs. There are two options for the knife holder, row knife type or turret type. The row knife holder has three sets of guide rails longitudinally, and four knives can be installed up and down.

According to the blank condition, size, and shape of the part, the clamping method, axial length, through-hole diameter and clamping diameter of the spindle box equipped with each specification machine tool can be selected separately. Intermediate clamping and two ends are clamping. The collet-type headstock, the middle clamping, and the two-end clamping jaw-type headstock, there are extendable headstock, ultra-short headstock, high clamping accuracy headstock, and the clamping accuracy can reach 0.005mm. The length of the part can be equipped with a single headstock or double headstock. The headstock of the medium-drive lathe is fixed, and the sub-headstock can be moved axially (manually movable or servo-movable). It can also be used for two The spindle box is clamped to complete the processing of long parts, and it can also be used to only use the spindle box to clamp to complete the processing of short parts. The spindle box integrates the three components of the spindle system fixture, clamping, and oil cylinder. The structure is compact and the work is reliable.

The maximum machining length of the double headstock is 2500mm, and the maximum through-hole diameter of the headstock can reach Φ370mm. The clamping devices are all hydraulically driven, and the clamping force can meet the needs of the maximum turning torque. There are many options for the chuck if the diameter of the part is specified There are many, adopting the structure of installing the adjusting claw in the chuck, which is very convenient and quick to replace.

The Center Drive CNC Lathe can also be equipped with automatic loading and unloading devices and storage devices to realize fully automatic processing.

The mid-drive lathe is fully enclosed and protected, equipped with automatic lubrication and automatic chip removal devices, with good protection performance, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

Parts suitable for middle-drive lathe processing:

1. Auto parts:

Gearbox input shaft, gearbox output shaft, welded axle, steering rod, half shaft, shaft tube, shock absorber piston tube, trailer axle, torsion bar.


2. Other mechanical product parts:

Motor shaft, spinning machine roller, bottle mold, oil drill pipe joint, water pump rotor shaft, printing machine drum.


The main industries where medium drive lathes are applied:

1. Automobile industry:

Machining of gear shafts of automobile gearboxes

Processing car trailer axles

Processing automobile hub axle tube

Processing automobile axle tube

Machining car arm shaft

Processing automobile axle shaft

2. Textile machinery industry:

Processing spinning machine roller

3. Mold industry:

Center Drive Lathe For Glass Mold

4. Motor industry:

Machining motor shaft

5. Water pump industry:

Processing water pump rotor shaft

6. Printing machinery industry:

Processing printing press cylinders and plates

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