ENT Co., Ltd. improves sanitation in animal-housing areas and living environment for the public in Korea

November 22 02:52 2021


ENT Co., Ltd. is garnering a lot of attention in the industry due to their unique technical skills by developing the equipment and control system designed to measure the odor-producing substances in the agriculture and stockbreeding field.

In cooperation with the National Institute of Animal Science, ENT Co., Ltd. has identified odor-producing substances such as hydrogen sulfide, amines, and other irritant gases generated in animal-housing areas for cattle, pigs, and chickens. It has also developed the sensor to measure the substances and monitor odors such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, indole, butene, and skatole with the odor measurement device in animal-housing areas. 

The odors produced by livestock farms are generated by internal and external manure treatment facilities and livestock resources. In animal-housing areas, the odor gas concentration is low, and the volume of gas is high. And it’s difficult to collect them. On the other hand, in manure treatment facilities, the odor gas concentration is high, and the volume of gas is low. 

Since the smell gets worse during the summer, people frequently report complaints. According to the direction and speed of the wind that goes through livestock farms, the scope of affected areas varies. But due to its unpredictable pattern, it causes discomfort among people. So it’s essential to identify and manage its impact on people by analyzing weather data such as wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity.  

To meet people’s demands for a pleasant environment and monitor the livestock odors and accomplish happiness in the environment, ENT Co., Ltd. has worked hard to realize the informatization of the environment with intelligence technology such as IoT and big data. In addition, it provides high-quality services for air environment information. 

An official from ENT Co., Ltd. said, “Through our continuous research on odor-producing substances, we would like to provide a clean and stable environment without odors and improve the living environment for local residents. That’s our ultimate goal.”

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