JASMY officially released their first core product, Secure PC, to escort corporate remote office security in the post-pandemic era.

November 22 14:54 2021

Due to the COVID 19 the world been pressed “pause button”, but now gradually been switched to the “fast forward button” for resuming work and production. The epidemic isolation and blockade have totally changed our working mode and location, forcing us to adopt a different flexible working method. As a result, we have entered the post-pandemic era, during which a large number of new models and new formats such as remote office, video conferencing, and online education have emerged and developed at an accelerated pace.

In the post-pandemic era, how to ensure the security, stability and efficiency of remote digital office, and strengthen the network security system from multiple angles, and empower the digital transformation of enterprises, improve quality and efficiency, are issues that enterprises need to consider.

For most companies, the remote office capabilities currently in use are temporarily built, and the security capabilities are relatively weak and incomplete.

Regard of this, Japanese IOT company JASMY officially released the first core products “JASMY Secure PC” on 5th November 2021, the application can provide enterprises with access control and security of access programs at the network boundary, as Enterprise remote office security escort.

JASMY was invited to participate in “Okinawa ResorTech EXPO 2021” on November 18, 2021. Transcosmos released the jointly developed Secure PC system for call centers,which exhibited with the JASMY Secure PC Basic version. And it is a on-site demonstration, that visitors can experience and compare the new application system in depth.

The JASMY Secure PC system used in the call center not only ensures the data security of employees in remote offices, but also has the functions of improving work performance and improving the efficiency of the entire team. This system is a major landing of JASMY blockchain technology in the B to B commercial system. Now that the commercial version has officially entered the market, it will surely bring a new trend in the digital transformation of enterprises, remote office and data security.

This new trend brought by Jasmy will break the classic safety hazard barrier faced by enterprises.This new trend will break the classic security problems faced by enterprises. A large amount of data shows that enterprises currently generally adopt several remote office methods such as virtual private network (VPN), remote control, and remote meeting / social networking. Sometimes, in order to meet the daily office needs of employees, companies use multiple methods to meet the needs of employees at the same time, such as obtaining company internal mail, accessing file servers in the local area network, internal databases, CRM, ERP, work arrangements, discussions, and reports.

As a result, corporate remote office undoubtedly increases the exposure of corporate information assets and brings security issues to corporate core data assets, including the use of sensitive data, account behavior, code transmission, and the security of communication and information transmission of social software and so on. In addition, telecommuting has brought a series of challenges for companies in the assessment of employee performance and work results. This classic security problem has always been a nightmare that companies cannot get rid of.

1. Enterprises use VPN technology to establish links with internal networks for employees, which will bring adjustments to the company’s account management standards and personnel management standards, which will involve a series of security risks such as account theft and business violations.

2. The information assets and digital assets of enterprises are usually maintained by remote control, which increases the exposure of the core assets of the enterprise, and increases the risk of data leakage and asset destruction due to attacks. At the same time, remote control will also bring risks about malicious remote control of enterprise assets.

3. Enterprises use email and social software for work arrangements, communication and meetings. The communication between email and social software is through the Internet, and there are huge risks in data transmission.

Meantime,that “JASMY Secure PC” aims to cope with the increasing demand for data protection and protect data from hacker attacks, rather than focusing on how to use the data. JASMY’s original blockchain technology can protect the security of device logs and data so that they cannot be tampered with, thereby creating a secure remote office environment for corporate users.

According to official information and analysis by professional and technical personnel, in view of the identity security, network security, application security and other issues faced by enterprises in remote office, the application-level “JASMY Secure PC” has five major functional advantages, providing more convenience and low cost than traditional solution used VPN.

The following are our preliminary judgments and superficial views on JASMY Secure PC:

First, access with zero trust. As a unified entrance to the network boundary, one of the core technologies of Secure PC is “Application-level Secure Knowledge Communicator (SKC)”, and different permissions will be granted to users and identity authentication of all access users. Only users who have completed identity authentication can access authorized applications in the intranet, and allow enterprises or organizations to receive user data and authorization without always having to Maintain specific information that can identify the subject, and use only necessary information appropriately as needed. The personal ID created by SKC can be easily and securely in the distributed network, which avoids the risk of information leakage caused by subsequent illegal access and unauthorized operations.

Second, to minimize open permissions, the JASMY Secure PC application only opens necessary application services to users who access remotely, keeping the user’s visibility only in an authorized application, rather than opening the entire network.

Third, achieve network boundary convergence. Secure PC core technology II.

Applying Smart Guardian (SG)

The personal ID created by SKC can easily and securely register IoT devices in a distributed network, and at the same time provide an environment that is restricted to device owners. Only one port is opened to the outside world, and the port is strictly controlled to reduce port exposure. At the same time, it can also play a role in blocking hacker attacks.

Because it uses an original blockchain and distributed storage system, it only allows the owner to safely keep and manage as well as to use the data generated by the device.

Fourth, the personal data locker service. By using the original blockchain and distributed storage system, it has the function that only allowing the owner to safely store, manage and use the data generated by the device, and employees who access remotely can quickly access it. Intranet application data can effectively prevent the risk of employee equipment being infected with viruses or exploited by loopholes.

Fifth, to ensure safety and traceability. All user access behaviors will be recorded on the chain by JASMY Secure PC in the form of logs, so that operation and maintenance personnel can manage and trace, and these records cannot be tampered with.

In addition, the currently officially announced JASMY Secure PC product models and prices are as follows:

JASMY Secure PC products are mainly divided into two categories: agent application version and management application version.

Agent application version: The program is installed on each user’s personal computer to monitor important data on the personal computer and report the status of the user’s computer to provide a safe environment and improve work efficiency.

Management application version: “Manager”, mainly to provide tools for management and team leaders to support each user, and provide a safe environment and improve work efficiency for the entire company or group.

Meanwhile, the proxy application version is subdivided into two versions:

1: “Agent DR” with Secure PC basic safety data management capabilities through the block chain record PC running the state, you can check the emergency PC running details as easily as check the drive recorder.

2: In addition to all the functions of “Agent DR”, “Agent Pro” also provides more advanced control functions and detailed monitoring, as well as alarm functions for misuse and abuse.

* The above prices calculated the yen-dollar exchange rate on the real-time 8th November 2021, real exchange rate to the date of the purchase price, please prevail.

The trial version of the Agent DR and management application version will be available for download from the JASMY website around the end of November:


The release date of Agent Pro and Management App will be announced at the same time as the download start date. On the basis of the basic version of the secure computer, we also plan to provide various additional applications useful for work and life. Further details will be announced in due course. Stay informed with us!

To gain more information:

Official website:http://www.Jasmy.co.jp 






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