Haywire Marketing Earns Recognition for Helping Top Luxury Brands Deploy High-ROI Marketing Campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram

November 23 08:36 2021

Long Island, NY – Haywire Marketing, a premier marketing agency, has earned recognition for its work with leading e-commerce and luxury brands worldwide. Haywire Marketing developed a high-class reputation for helping commercial businesses and brands develop digital advertising materials to help them successfully navigate the digital marketing industry and engage prospective customers.

Haywire Marketing’s team of professionals helps clients scale and engage prospective customers and targeted markets for luxury consumer brands and products. Capitalizing on years of combined experience, the Haywire Marketing team uses its experience to strategically identify problems that clients are facing with their existing business models and marketing campaigns. The team then develops comprehensive, personalized solutions and marketing campaigns that not only satisfy a brand’s budgetary constraints, but also increase their investment returns. Haywire Marketing uses  the brand’s multi-dimensional characteristics to effectively target current and prospective customers on their digital platforms

“When it comes to advertising luxury brands online, Haywire Marketing carries each brand’s multi-dimensional characteristics to the digital platform,” remarked Dennis Lagares, Founder and President of Haywire Marketing. “We add emotional manipulators to sales copy and video content to engage customers, build brand identification, esteem, and affinity across the web. Since starting Haywire Marketing in 2013, I have developed a passion for luxury goods and brands. Each day, we are committed to helping such brands leverage proven digital marketing strategies, and we proudly only work with 12 clients at a time to ensure the needs of each can be properly met,” he added.

As a leading Long Island-based marketing agency, Haywire Marketing has developed a track record for relying on its extensive expertise in Facebook and Instagram marketing to drive measurable results for brands. The agency develops engaging, customized, and value-based sales copy and video content that targets customer demographics  in the  brand’s relevant markets, while also helping brands comprehensively manage their social media presence and marketing campaigns. In addition to coordinating social media marketing, the company works with brands to develop user-friendly websites that are optimized for mobile devices and deploy advanced tracking tools that measure the success of sales copy and video content. 

“We pivot each client’s messaging so they can build customer connections,” remarked Dennis Lagares. “The disconnect between online consumers and businesses in today’s economy has never been larger. By closing this gap, we help e-commerce and luxury brands engage new customers to increase their return on investment,” he added.

To learn more, please visit HaywireMarketing.net. Case studies documenting the success of Haywire Marketing’s services with real companies and brands are available. 

About Haywire Marketing

Haywire Marketing is a digital marketing company based in Long Island, New York. Founded in 2013, Haywire Marketing has earned a reputation as a premier marketing agency for its specialized social media marketing services, including targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, for leading e-commerce and luxury brands. To learn more, please visit HaywireMarketing.net.

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