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November 23 14:34 2021

Aluminum PCB is the best application for overheating.Insulation can effectively dissipate heat.Most high-power circuit designs are made of aluminum PCBs because they dissipate heat more easily than conventional circuits. Aluminium circuit boards are specifically designed for power converter applications, but manufacturers of LED applications have recently been more interested in how LEDs are used because of the amazing heat dissipation capabilities of LED applications. Next, YongMingSheng, a professional aluminum substrate pcb manufacturer, will tell you how aluminum PCB is different from other PCBs.

What are the benefits of aluminum PCB?

Cost effective

Aluminum PCB provides heat dissipation function, which can save heat dissipation budget. Because aluminum is naturally extracted, unlike most PCB types, it can be recycled cheaply.

Environmental protection 

Unfortunately, some types of PCB are toxic and will have a negative impact on our environment. The synthetic materials used in the manufacturing process are not very safe for the health of consumers, but aluminum is a natural element and its PCB is safe and will not cause harm to the environment. 

The durability of General glass fiberboard is easy to break under pressure.Aluminum circuit board is recommended for use in harsh environments. Aluminum has good strength and durability.

Efficient heat dissipation

Some components will dissipate heat and their thermal radiation may damage their manufacturing.Especially in the case of power ICs, components such as LEDs generate heat up to hundreds of degrees Celsius.This heat is enough to melt the components and damage the PCB.Aluminum is an effective conductor of heat, dissipating the thermal radiation of these components and keeping them cool.


Aluminum PCB is light in comparison to its strength.Because aluminum PCBs do not require or have fewer radiators, the total weight budget of the circuit is reduced.

Application of aluminum PCB

Aluminium printed circuit boards are suitable for applications requiring high heat dissipation, mechanical strength and durability. Effective heat transfer and circuit temperature management on metal core printed circuit boards.Compared with fiberglass printed circuit boards, aluminum printed circuit boards are nearly 10 times more efficient in thermal emission.This feature allows designers to optimize the overall case size and design of various products.

Some applications of aluminum PCB will be mentioned below

The power supply

The power supply and regulating circuit contain power electronics, which have a higher heat dissipation rate than usual. 

Solid state relay

Solid state relays handle high power and are more suitable for aluminum PCB due to high heat dissipation. 

The car

Aluminum PCB is widely used in automobile industry. Circuits installed in automotive products that operate in harsh atmospheric conditions are light in weight and durable in strength.

LED lights

Aluminum printed circuit boards are widely used in light-emitting diode lamp boards. LEDs are a sensitive device, but they generate too much heat. If this heat is not regulated, their performance will be seriously affected and lead to premature expiration. 

In addition, aluminum PCB is a good reflector and can save the cost of reflectors in low level lightning products.

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