Nutricare launches the new product beauty device MD Planner B11 and MD Planner T3 EGG.

November 23 20:23 2021
Nutricare launches the new product beauty device MD Planner B11 and MD Planner T3 EGG.

Nutricare, a Korean beauty device company, launches body line beauty device ‘MD Planner B11’ and Massage Tool ‘MD Planner T3 EGG’ based on innovative technology.

The new MD Planner B11 is a premium body device that combines five technologies – ultrasonic, high frequency, EMS (electro muscle stimulation), galvanic, and LED to improve your skin & body line.

It is possible to set up to 6 detailed functions according to the user’s inquires, also with an ultra-light weight of about 290G, it can be conveniently used anytime, anywhere.

Another advantage is that anyone can easily feel the touch of a professional through home care without additional time investment such as visiting an esthetic.

Continually, released together ‘MD Planner T3 Egg’ is a massage tool product that can manage both the face and body. It helps to improve skin tone for the face and other part of body areas by massaging.

It consists of total 5 types and provides 4 customized functions: cryotherapy (low temperature), thermotherapy (heat), magnet therapy (magnetic), and massage therapy (acupressure). LikZe ‘MD Planner B11’, it can be used easily and conveniently anytime, anywhere and ensuring convenience.

On the other way, beauty & health company Nutricare designs a lot of beauty & healthcare devices and developing, producing, including beauty devices, under the slogan of ‘where the innovative beauty begins’.

It is introducing innovative products that combines technology, beauty and health through accurate trend analysis.

For a detailed product description, please visit the MD Planner site or the Nutricare website:

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