Beth Gardner, Life Coach with a Dual Purpose: Bloodied But Unbowed

November 23 16:28 2021

“You recognize a survivor when you see one. You recognize a fighter when you see one.” – Elizabeth Edwards.

Fighters have a powerful and unassuming quality about them. Their strength and courage are quiet and deliberate, easy to underestimate. But that is what makes them even more formidable. You don’t find fighters just inside a ring. They are around you if you look hard for them. Waking up, getting out of bed to dress for the day ahead, and battling everything that comes in the way of their resolve to not bow down to any hardships that life throws at them with belief and strength in their heart and a smile on their face.

When we think of all such fighters, it is hard not to name Beth Gardner, who, after beating down cancer over 20 years ago, resumed her life of sports. Instead of sympathizing with herself or living in misery like some choose to do, she proved herself to claim victory, this time over cancer. She has also won many championships back in her days of rowing during the 1990s.

One of the best qualities about Beth is her groundedness. Despite her many achievements, she is not boastful. As they say, still waters run deep. All her adversities, her learnings, and her winnings have made her even more passionate about the work she does, instead of standing before flashing cameras and singing her own praises.

To share her wisdom and the lessons taught to her by life, Beth has penned down her secrets for acing the sport in her book, “ One Rowing Stroke At A Time,” which can help all aspiring rowers to master the sport in the shadow of a true mentor. Since she can not walk to all those, who seek her help and guidance, therefore, her book will serve as a lighthouse, helping all the boats navigate their way to becoming the best rowers. If you wonder where this strength of the steel comes from in her, it is her continuous hard work on herself that hones her skills and body, making it strong and athletic.

Dressed in her Nike tights that efficiently and adequately support the body, creating a streamlined physique that facilitates moves, Beth works on her body to prepare it for the challenges that her rowing races demand. She wears ankle weights during pilates to give her legs a toned shape and muscular strength. They help make up for the intense workout at gyms by giving her legs resistance and strengthening her legs and core.

To prevent swelling in her right arm due to lymphoma, the Tosamc wrist bands prove to be really helpful. Wrist bands are incredible at supporting hands with pressing movements. During all her workouts and runnings, Beth loves wearing her New Balance Fuel Cell running/walking shoes that, apart from providing grip, increase fleet-footedness.

Although the premium gear helps Beth with her workout routine, what makes her achievements real is her resilience, self-confidence, self-discipline, and an inner desire to win. These are the qualities that serve as the fountain of strength for Beth and make her who she is today!

You can reach out to Beth Gardner at [email protected]

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