Animal Factory Is a Thought-Provoking, Ear-Perking, Trance-Inducing, Musical Sensation.

November 25 17:00 2021

ANIMAL FACTORY is a thought-provoking, ear-perking, trance-inducing, musical sensation. The originality in their song structure allows for the group to deliver a wide variety of hard rock elements in a unique and refreshing way. With musical roots that dig deeper than oak trees, there is something in their music to attract the attention of all types of listeners.


• Similar Artists: Mastodon, Deftones, Primus, Faith No More, At the Drive In

• Booking: Kevin Schaefer; [email protected]; 224.659.0848




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Elevations (2012): The first release of Animal Factory, Elevations was recorded in Studio Chicago. The band followed the album with a Midwestern tour in the summer of 2012; including St Louis, Indianapolis, and Louisville. The album showcases Animal Factory’s dynamic song structures and metaphysical lyrical content, Elevations is meant to take the listener on a journey through childlike innocence of the night to the ominous adulthood of the day.

Volume II (2014): Released in December, 2014: the musical development of the band is prominent in the second installment of their career. Its floating melodies and memorable chants design to bring the listener closer, while the intricate musical patterns have proven to make even the most experienced musician’s ear perk. This memorably intricate hard rock album is enough to have your head banging and your foot tapping from start to finish.


Unnatural Selection (2019): Unnatural Selection offers a compelling glimpse into the modern age of man. Technological advancements have propelled mankind into a constantly evolving society beyond anything ever imagined. The very foundation of modern society is littered with misinformation and ulterior motives. The horrifying result is: the ability to trust the media has been eradicated from the human psyche like Homo Neanderthalensis has been eradicated from the earth. The future is uncertain, the consequences can be catastrophic, and the solution is impossible. One can only trust themselves and their natural instincts.

The Shepard (Coming 2022): “The Shepard” EP tells an epic story of a prophetic leader who becomes manifested by an ancient spirit known in Native American folklore as a Wendigo. The story is comprised of four main parts:

II: “The Void” – the main character journeys further into the metaphysical realm than they ever have before; seeking knowledge, power, and answers to the mysteries of life.

III: “Skinwalker” – while in the metaphysical plane, the spirit of the main character is able to roam free but the body is vulnerable to possession by unwanted spirits. The main character’s body is discovered by a wendigo; a malevolent spiritual parasite. The Wendigo’s primary motivation is to cross dimensions into the physical plane by controlling the body of the main character. The two spirits are locked in an epic battle for their lives.

IV: “Cycles” – The wendigo overpowers the spirit of the main character, thereby gaining control of their body in the physical plane. The event creates a ripple in time referred to as an abyss; essentially an infinite loop where the spirit relives the moments of body’s death.


V: “Hiding in the Sun” – the spirit of the main character is still banished in the abyss. They are attempting to uncover the mysteries of space and time, and somehow transcend into another reality.

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