Sustainable GOAT Facilitates Conversations on Sustainability Featuring Key Players in the Space

November 25 22:21 2021
The podcast interviews visionaries that are shifting the global narrative toward a brighter future.

Sustainable GOAT is an international podcast that focuses on different areas of sustainability, including food, energy, clothing, water and more — painting a larger picture of sustainability and resilience.

Sustainability is a broad topic, often overused in conversation. The podcast carefully explores the subject with a human-based approach, educating the audience on day-to-day information and initiatives that they can easily add to their everyday lives. It is created for those who are interested in incorporating ideas on how to live more conscious lives.

Sustainable GOAT explores conversations with key players and visionaries. They conduct interviews with world-class guests and companies — those who are considered the “greatest of all time” in sustainability.

In a short period, the podcast has had guests from some of the top brands, including the CEOs of 1% For The Planet, Bite Toothpaste and Campworks. It has also featured Soel Yachts, an electric yacht company from the Netherlands and Triwa, a watch company that makes casual watches out of ocean plastic and dress watches out of melted down illegal firearms.

“We have a gap in the talk of sustainability and the action. As a platform, Sustainable GOAT strives to take a human approach to sustainability that is story-driven. By talking to the best and brightest in the world who are taking action on sustainability, we can educate the audience in a way that is more relatable, more genuine and more inspiring,” shared Steve Cassingham, host of Sustainable GOAT.

Cassingham is an educator and a speaker on sustainability. He is the founder of the branding agency, Evolv Creative. He has spent years trying to answer how humans can live more sustainable lives to help preserve the beauty of nature. With a background in media and branding within the sustainability space, Cassingham loves to share what the greatest in sustainability have to say through the power of story.

Gina W., a Sustainable GOAT listener, shared: “What an amazing podcast! Such timely and interesting topics and Steve does a wonderful job of facilitating the conversations he has with the fascinating leaders in the sustainability space. This should be required listening for the next generation, who will be faced with the challenges of preserving our dwindling natural resources. Steve, thanks for bringing these topics to our attention in a fun and engaging way!”

Sustainable GOAT is not just a podcast. It is a platform for others to build community and learn from the best about solutions for the changing world. The producers aim to add video content to the platform by 2022 and an NFT launch into the digital space, providing more ways for the community and the impact to grow.

Listeners can tune in to Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts to catch episodes of Sustainable GOAT.

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About Sustainable GOAT

Sustainable GOAT is an environmental podcast that educates the audience about sustainability in a relatable, genuine and inspiring way.

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