Video LeadPro Reveals Why Video Agencies Fail to Capitalize on Demand for Video

November 26 00:09 2021
Most video production companies struggle to market themselves, while business owners are suddenly waking up to the power of video production.

Video production companies are at risk of missing out on a surge of potential business opportunities. Video LeadPro, a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping video production companies get video clients, has found that many video businesses are failing to capitalize on the demand for videography because they don’t have the right strategies in place to attract clients. Here’s why…

Owners of video production companies know that businesses the world over are suddenly waking up to the power of video, because it’s the king of multimedia – visuals, audio, text, storytelling, emotion, impact… so they should be overflowing with work. But they’re not.

At the same time, video production has never been more competitive than it is right now, with thousands of video production companies in towns and cities across the world, tens of thousands of solo videographers, and millions of people producing videos on their phones.

This makes standing out in a crowded world tougher than it’s ever been.

They’re trapped in the exhausting cycle of pre-production, production and post-production that leaves them little time to focus on marketing their business, and instead they rely on referrals. This makes their businesses vulnerable because they’re not in charge of their own growth.

Video LeadPro conducted a detailed analysis on hundreds of video production companies and found the majority are making the same mistakes. “Most websites aren’t being used effectively, and remain glossy brochures that don’t speak to the prospective client who is looking to solve a problem,” says Seamus Reynolds, Founder of Video LeadPro. “Instead of connecting with a clients’ needs, they’re just shouting out about how great they believe they are, and splash a selection of videos, hoping to get video clients. That’s not going to work consistently.”

The extensive analysis found 5 common problems.

“97% of video production company websites have a desktop load speed that is either poor or needs improvement, while not a single site registered a good page load speed on mobile. Only 17% of video production company websites have truly client-centric copywriting. Less than a third of video production company websites have any form of retargeting pixel installed. Only 6% have pop-ups that are compelling enough to submit an email address.”

A copy of the analysis can be found at:

Few sectors have the odds stacked in their favor like video companies do right now – a growing demand from businesses and the ability to produce their own marketing videos, while other businesses don’t know how to do that and still have to pay for the service.

But unless video production companies start designing and executing their marketing plan, they won’t be able to dominate their market, and run the risk of sinking into obscurity.

About Seamus Reynolds

Seamus was a TV journalist and video producer for over 20 years and now coaches video production companies to design their Video Domination Roadmap to consistently attract bigger budget clients.

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