Lookout Lab’s bluebot Smart Water Meter Users are Reporting Reduction in Water Usage up to 35%

November 26 00:24 2021
Save Water and Money by Knowing Your Water Usage In Real-Time From the bluebot App.

Following the bluebot iOS v2 release last month, customers are reporting reductions in water usage through real-time and historic water usage data, custom alerting via text, and budgeting.

While we are still in the worst drought in recent history, the bluebot smart water meter is a new and welcome solution to individual water management—a growing trend that is picking up momentum as people look for ways to take control of their water use out of necessity and responsibility.

The bluebot smart water meter app provides an industry leading resolution of water data on a phone, accessible from anywhere in the world so you’re always in control. Live data displays in real time, and each meter delivers over one million data points each month.

Giving everyone the ability to know their water means the bluebot water meter needs to be easy to install by anyone. Installation of the bluebot smart water meter takes only minutes, as the patented hardware non-invasively clamps on to any ¾” – 2” PEX, PE, Copper L & M, PVC SCH 40 & 80, and Galvanized pipes. No plumbers, pipe cutting, water shutoffs, electricians, welding, or lengthy calibration processes are required.

Easily share access to your bluebot smart water meter with friends, family, neighbors, and helpers to build your water savings team. Configure multiple custom alert types to avoid potential plumbing failures, surprise water bills, and stay on track with your monthly water budget goals.

The bluebot smart water meter and app delivers the data you need to save and the flexibility to monitor multiple water lines or locations with ease from one single account. No subscriptions are required. More information can be found at bluebot.com.

About Lookout Lab

We are a small company located in the heart of the California water crisis and we’re on a mission to create positive change for our planet’s most precious resource, one bluebot at a time.

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