TikToker And Top Digital Creator Blondegummybear Jumps To The Top

November 26 05:00 2021
The woman behind Blondegummybear on TikTok, Nichole Behr, has risen to stardom on the popular social media app with her jumping rope and other entertaining videos.

With her impressive jump rope videos, TikToker and digital creator Blondegummybear has jumped to the top on the video-focused social networking service.

Nichole Behr, the woman behind the Blondegummybear account, has also recently unveiled Gummybear Wear and Gummybear Skin. She has been known as an influencer who promotes body positivity and self-love on the platform, especially as more media have come under fire over internet body-shaming issues.

“For me, it’s always important that we all feel positive and accepting of all bodies, regardless of shape, skin tone, size, gender, or even physical disabilities. My videos give my followers the idea that they should feel happy and proud of their bodies and whatever they have in life,” says Nichole. 

Nichole Behr has almost one million followers on TikTok, making her one of the most followed stars on the popular short-form video-sharing app.

“It’s all about putting content that celebrates what I am proud of, what I can offer, and how I can empower people, especially women, to take up space and feel the positivity,” adds Nichole Behr.

One of her top videos, which was posted on October 6th, features her on the gym with a caption that states, “Proud of myself for working on myself every day! #bodypositive #progress.”

Apart from jump rope videos, Nichole Behr also posts a wide array of content which includes her yoga sessions, Cosplay, and Games. 

In one of her Cosplay-related posts, she posted a fun video showing how “Squid Games” would turn out if it’s done on Fortnite, a free-to-play Battle Royale game with numerous game modes. The video has earned about 100,000 views so far. 

Nichole Behr revealed that aside from having one million followers on TikTok, she earns over 10,000 dollars a month from traffic. This is the reason why she started Gummybear Wear and Gummybear Skin in an effort to take body positivity and self-confidence to the next level.

Those who want to learn more about Nichole Behr may visit her TikTok account, Blondegummybear

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