Rejuvenate on amethyst-infused mats by Ereada

November 26 15:30 2021
Ereada specializes in producing mats that are made with exclusive amethyst crystals. These crystals use the body’s warmth to provide comfort and cosiness. All the gemstones used at Ereada are certified and natural.

USA – Ereada is a US-based company that excels in producing premium-quality mats. These mats contain natural, 100% real amethysts that add to the premium feel and authenticity of Ereada mats. In addition to producing mats, Ereada also produces pillows, mattresses, and pads infused with amethyst and other gemstones. The amethysts used by Ereada are authentic, non-treated with paints, chemicals and radiations. They are sourced from Kota and South America. These crystals are tested and certified by the Special Labs and Gemological Institute in Korea.

The Ereada mats are manufactured in South Korea, not in China as done by most of the other brands. Being confident in the products, Ereada offers a 2-year warranty on both commercial and home use of the mats. This warranty ensures that the mats are excellent for heavy-duty home use.

These mats at Ereada consist of four exclusive lineups. These lineups include “Multifunctional Purple mats”, “Classic Brown Amethyst mats”, “Gray Amethyst mats”, and “Ereada Gemstone mats”. Each of the product lineups has its unique features. The product variations within each lineup consist of different sizes. These sizes contain Mini, Medium, Pro, Single, and Queen.

The amethyst crystals used in Ereada products use the body’s heat to give warmth and comfort to the body. These crystals are a natural way to rejuvenate and heal the body. Furthermore, the Ereada mats remove stress from the body and create a relaxing environment for a healthy lifestyle.

One of the spokespeople at Ereada said: “Ereada mats do not have built-in infrared lamps and they do not work like standard powered heating pads. Same as all warm objects, especially hot stones, Ereada Amethyst mats naturally release infrared rays. Our products are traceable, as they have a serial number.

Electric Ereada mats use an advanced EMF-free heating system based on twisted titanium wires in copper net, silicon and Teflon insulation to preheat the stones. When Amethysts are hot they start to generate a pleasant deep-felt warmth. Most of this heat comes in the form of FIR or Far Infrared crystal rays.

About Ereada:

Ereada Corp is an American company based in Jackson, Wyoming. The company holds expertise in producing amethyst-powered mats, pillows, mattresses, and pads. The company takes pride in making premium-quality products that make use of 100% authentic and certified crystals and gemstones.

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