Meet Jessica Carper, Ms.Top Model Nation Universe 2022

November 26 16:45 2021

Jessica is the reigning Ms. Top Model Nation Universe 2022. Her journey with the Miss US Nation pageant began after casting for the Super Chic Los Angeles Fashion Week 2021 showcase, she was offered the opportunity to compete for the Miss California US Nation pageant in her category. Jessica succeeded all the way to the Ms. Top Model Nation Universe crown, which is a global pageantry title.

For over 20 years, Jessica was asked to do advertising for commercials, brochures, and so on; but, her real inspiration came from fashion. So, in response to a question about what modeling meant to her, she replied: Advertising and success!

Since she was very proud of her title, she mentions it in every modeling opportunity. Jessica enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She proudly supports local causes as Ms.Top Model Nation Universe  2022. To stay in shape and also to fulfill her title, she runs marathons for several reasons.

Jessica’s dream is to become a famous model for one of the world’s top fashion brands in the next five years. As a result of her title, she exhibits a positive public image through global peace and positive acts. Taking part in all of the high fashion runways is her dream come true.

A big part of her motivation in being involved in pageantry and modeling, is breaking some stereotypes; such as that modeling and pageantry are degrading women. Rather, it is a way to boost your self-confidence and show peace and beauty to the world.

What makes Jessica unique, is that she is able to view the world differently – “I see beauty in the world”, says Jessica.

Support Jessica’s journey and follow her on Instagram @jimperial7.

Jessica is currently seeking sponsorships for her reign. Your business, product or service can be exposed to thousands of Fashion, Beauty industry professionals and general viewers worldwide at our special Fashion Weeks events, publications, social media and more.

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