There is Something Wicked Happening In Seattle, New York, Connecticut, And Beyond

November 26 19:26 2021
A Murder Mystery to Satisfy Your Inner Detective

Murder mysteries have only continued to grow more cunning and creative with time. Among them is “Something Wicked,” authored by Susan Johnson-Kropp, a novel that will keep you on your toes and on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Susan is a seasoned writer with a degree in English Creative Writing and a minor in Psychology.  The highlights of her story are her captivating plot, creativity, and unexpected twist.

The book is about Jillian Van Doren, a successful romance novelist who enjoys the perks her work has brought her but is living a dull, unhappy, and unfulfilled life. As the story moves forward, the writer meets her love interest, also a writer. However, before the love could ignite, the couple gets caught up in the suspicious death of a neighbor. The story takes gripping turns as they travel across the country through various states, including Jillian’s hometown, chasing the suspects, trying to untangle a baffling mystery. It might be due to the author’s studies in psychology that she has conceived of characters in an intriguing manner that perfectly complements the plot. Who knows? But her readers are completely in love with it.

Find out what the pair have discovered by purchasing your copy today. Order it on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles to treat the detective inside you with a fast-paced and engaging novel.

Susan has been pursuing her creative passion in the world of literature. She lives with her husband and child in Washington. Her credentials make her a perfect match for this genre as she holds a degree in English creative writing from the University of Washington where she also minored in Psychology. This novel tells the story of a successful romance novelist living an unfulfilled life that suddenly became a wild ride after she embarks on an unofficial investigation of a wicked, murderous conspiracy. 

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