Pixelabz, The First Ino And Nft Defi Marketplace Raised 2M USD At 12M USD Valuation

December 06 20:16 2021

Pixelabz aims to promote, encourage and foster early NFT projects to access better support and a great community. Pixelabz is the marketplace for NFT and INOs designs for the best projects and elite brands.

Valuation at 12M USD

The new era of NFT is just getting started. Every day new NFT projects are born and attract many individual investors and also business investors. Pixelabz startup was financed for a value of 12M USD in the last quarter of 2021 and wants to launch the first INO platform accessible for the elite.

INO, Initial NFT offering

NFTs started to boom recently, but there are so many projects on the market that it is very difficult to know what is legit, a serious project, and what they offer.

Pixelabz launches the new concept of INO, Initial NFT Offering. It is a marketplace for NFT projects that offers the Pixelabz community a choice of elite projects and ways to support their developments. 

Pixelabz chose to select only luxury and elite brands and projects to offer the best to their community. And yes, the community is all. It is not just about supporting a new project but about contributing to future decisions, voting, and getting rewards… Being a member of Pixelabz gives rights that are not seen in other projects. The exclusivity of the access is the key aspect of Pixelabz.

Media Contact
Company Name: Pixelabz
Contact Person: Joni Mendes
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Country: Cyprus
Website: www.pixela.bz