Mechanism Wellness Launches One of the First of its Kind Corporate Wellness Program Rooted in Functional Medicine

December 07 22:15 2021
Mechanism Wellness Launches One of the First of its Kind Corporate Wellness Program Rooted in Functional Medicine
Feeling Good Should Not Be Difficult

Nearly half of the American population suffers from at least one chronic illness, accounting for 85% of the US healthcare costs. Processed foods, stress, toxic environments, and pharmaceutical side effects are driving illness. Another rising concern with global Coronavirus pandemic is that pandemics are likely to exert periodic and significant disruptive pressure on health systems and people with comorbidities tend to be more severely impacted by these events. This has fast-tracked the number people moving towards more natural and organic choices to lead healthier lives.

We are currently trapped in the symptom management approach of traditional medicine. People have started taking a DIY approach to health management, for example, 80% of over 75% adults taking supplements are doing so without any advice from their healthcare provider and have limited understanding of the three pillars of diet, supplements, and lifestyle choices. 

Mechanism Wellness is addressing this problem with one of the first-of-its-kind, personalized wellness program based on Functional medicine; a systems biology approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root imbalance of your core physiology. The proprietary online assessment is designed by doctors, nutritionists, and functional medicine practitioners identifies the root imbalance. The system then provides individuals with a personalized wellness plan that includes food plans, recommended supplements, lifestyle guidance and access to functional medicine-trained wellness coaches.

All this for less than Starbucks Coffee a day.

The program is quickly gaining traction among individuals as well as corporations. Within the first six months of launching, Mechanism Wellness signed up over six companies including, PepsiCo, Censia, MetricStream, Indecomm, and Factor Law who will be offering its prod

Mechanism Wellness raised an initial pre-seed round in 2020 and launched its MVP in May 2021. They are now seeking to raise their seed round and have launched a crowdfunding campaign with StatEngine to raise money and build brand awareness.

About Mona Jauhar, RDN, LD:

After running extensive tests, generating huge bills, and ultimately throwing up its hands and offering an “untreatable” autoimmune diagnosis, the traditional medical system had failed Mona, leading her down the path of functional medicine. Mona ventured on this journey to find her own answers and learn about alternative therapies and treatments. Her passion and determination, along with her extensive research led her to finding a solution in Functional Medicine that eventually was successful in reducing autoimmune symptoms in both her and her daughter. With this success under her belt, she dove deeper into the field of Functional Medicine and became an integrative practitioner. Since then, she has been able change her family’s life and the lives of many of her patients. Her passion and sense of responsibility for making Functional Medicine accessible, along with a partnership with her husband, Shakti Jauhar, were the foundation of the creation of Mechanism Wellness – accessible, personalized, Functional Medicine based Wellness at affordable prices.

About Mechanism Wellness:

A 21st century wellness company that is on a mission to empower every individual to achieve their best health through a mechanistic, science-led, results-oriented, approach to wellness with highly personalized nutrition, supplement, lifestyle guidance and coaching programs.

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