Spooqs Launches a New Innovative Motion Tracking and VFX Software

December 07 23:12 2021
Spooqs’ powerful software makes it easy for everybody to create high-quality visual effects that take videos to the next level.

Spooqs’ motion tracking and VFX Software eliminates technical barriers in creating superb visual effects for creative videos. The software integrates four powerful algorithms and over 70 customizable effects that enable a superior video editing experience for everyone – even absolute beginners.

“At Spooqs, we help youtubers, digital marketers, community managers, motion designers, video enthusiasts, as well as pros to create stunning visual effects that bring videos to life through easy-to-use and powerful software,” said Pascal Bertolino, Founder and CEO of Spooqs.

Spooqs is the result of 12 years of research and development at GIPSA-Lab, a renowned multidisciplinary research laboratory located at Grenoble Alps University in France. Its timely launch is a potential game-changer in video content creation for social media. It brings ease and accessibility that’s unmatched by other motion tracking software currently available in the market.

Using Spooqs can be summed in three easy steps – detect, track, and transform.

In a single click, users can automatically detect or cut out any objects and track them using Spooqs’ AI or computer vision-based motion tracking. They can then transform the selected object using Spooq’s high-quality visual effects. Users can attach texts, logos, icons, and emojis to moving objects. They can also blur, distort, or remove faces and combine different visual effects to seamlessly make videos that stand out.

Spooqs consistently releases tutorials to help users maximize their use of the software. Discover what you can do with Spooqs at https://spooqs.com/.

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