Dan Hollings The Plan Crypto Seminar Scheduled

December 08 13:30 2021
An upcoming seminar by Dan Hollings explains how to take advantage of micro-fluctuations in cryptocurrencies to make tiny profitable trades daily. The trades are completed on complete autopilot.

Merchpatron is pleased to announce the launch of a new online seminar to explain the workings of Dan Hollings The Plan. The seminar is scheduled for Thursday, December 9 at 4 pm Pacific Standard Time. The informative presentation will discuss how to exploit ‘micro-fluctuations’ in crypto to make hundreds of small and profitable trades on a daily basis on complete autopilot. Dan Hollings has run more than 10,000 crypto automation during the past 44 months. He has put more than five million dollars worth of crypto through the markets and has learned what works. 

Dan has tested his approach with people in more than one hundred countries in both bull markets and bear markets. He has proven that his crypto plan works. He has obtained nearly $700,000 in twelve months with crypto bots. He has done nothing 99% of the time. Reports show that every Beta 1 student who has participated in the full Plan has been 100 percent successful. There is no cherry-picking of results – every student succeeded. 

Additional details are available at https://affiliatepatron.krtra.com/t/OGdpiwyXtTa4

The seminar will explain how the live Beta students are obtaining outstanding returns on their crypto trades, using some of the most conservative approaches ever seen in the market. Most of these folks are not crypto experts. They don’t have to struggle to time the market or purchase the dip. Using the Plan is easier and more profitable. 

Additional information on the live webinar includes why crypto success is unavailable on Telegram groups, YouTube, meme coins, or moonshots. The participants in the automation described in The Plan are not fearful of market crashes, boom markets, or bust markets. The automated program provides steady, passive crypto income. The Plan demonstrates how to buy and hold the top cryptocurrencies on the markets while constantly providing cash flow. It is possible to make money on crypto, even if the value drops by up to 58%. 

About the Company: 

Merchpatron offers a reliable plan for taking advantage of fluctuations in cryptocurrencies. The founder of the program offers those who want to know more to watch his webinar on demand now. The seminar details actual beta trades from students around the world.

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