“I Move A Lot and That’s Okay” – A Vivid Illustration of the Psychological and Emotional Impact of Frequent Relocation on Military Kids

December 08 14:33 2021
The ultimate book that offers solace to a military kid on the move

December 08, 2021 – Shermaine Perry-Knights, an award-winning author through her eye-opening book, “I Move A Lot and That’s Okay”, offers a glimpse of the life of a military kid who is continuously being uprooted and relocated throughout his or her childhood. It acts as a guide that teaches military kids to manage their fear, anxiety, and stress and embrace the new experiences that await them.

The psychological and emotional turmoil military families, especially children undergo due to moving frequently is not a popular topic of discussion. However, Shermaine has channeled her personal experiences as a military kid beautifully to her book ‘I Move A Lot and That’s Okay’ to help children navigate the challenges they face during the most important period of their life. “Relocation is a whirlwind of activity for a child. There are extreme highs and lows of emotional, mental, social, and physical change. Many kids struggle to leave everything and everyone behind and to start over in a new place. We must honor them during the whole journey,” said, Shermaine. This piece of literature offers hope, courage, and resilience during the relocation while validating the kids’ emotions.

The publication won the 2021 International Book Award in the children’s category for the role it plays in making the relocation process less stressful for military kids. It is also featured in Stars & Stripes as a PCS resource and recognized by NPR and Military Families Magazine as a valuable tool that acts as a conversation  starter. Teachers, counselors, and parents appreciate the book for the way it addresses difficult topics such as the anguish children feel over missing their close acquaintances, changing schools and homes, and alienation caused by relocation. It also invites to engage in conversations about empathy, embracing change, and adapting to new cultures and environments. “Thank you for providing such a colorful and insightful book that can make the next move that much more joyful. I would recommend it to any parent or teacher who wants to open the dialogue for how change creates growth opportunities. Awesome job,” said, Damel Walker a veteran, teacher, and father.

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