Get fresh with Nutroz: using ozone technology to remove stubborn household odors and refresh everything from pet beds to sports equipment

December 08 21:18 2021
The revolutionary patent-pending technology developed by Nutroz harnesses the power of ozone to neutralize the bacteria that cause stubborn odors.

What is Nutroz?

Nutroz is an innovative alternative to traditional laundering that allows users to refresh and remove stubborn odors from a range of household items while helping to save precious time, money and resources.

A clean concept

“When we first begin working on the Nutroz concept, we were primarily concerned with solving a personal hygiene issue: how to clean smelly skates and sports gear,” says Sharon Ellis, Nutroz Director of Operations. “While there are a range of disinfecting and sanitizing aerosol sprays on the market, we were looking beyond that for something that would be liquid and detergent free as well as energy friendly.” 

“That’s when the idea of using ozone to kill odor causing bacteria was born.” 

“After working on the concept and its application, we soon realized that it was about more than just getting bad odors out of sports equipment. We saw that the neutralizing ozone technology we’d come up with had countless possible other applications.”

Getting fresh with ozone

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas created from oxygen atoms. It kills odor causing molecules and bacteria through a process called oxidation.  

Nutroz units use high-voltage electricity to convert oxygen into ozone. Once the ozonating cycle is complete and the items inside the unit have been fully deodorized, the Nutroz unit actively converts the ozone back to oxygen. 

What does it work on?

“Nutroz is simple to use and incredibly effective at removing sweat, smoke and food smells,” says Sharon. “It works on everything from clothes, bedding and hard to clean items like sports gear, camping equipment, kids’ toys, even pet beds and blankets.” Sharon adds it also works on household items that are not suited to conventional laundry machines. 

“The beauty of Nutroz is that it can reach surfaces most other cleaners can’t. Not only does our patent-pending technology go deeper, but it also helps deodorize and refresh without the hassle of soaking, scrubbing or high-heat drying. Plus you don’t have to buy costly and potentially harmful chemicals, detergents, or aerosols.”

Smart, effective, sustainable

It’s not just the health of the home that matters to Nutroz, but the health of the planet too. Using a Nutroz unit is a smart alternative to traditional cleaning methods, many of which contribute to ocean pollution in addition to high water and energy bills.  

“What started out as finding a novel way to deodorize and refresh hockey equipment evolved into developing a solution to clean household items that also makes an impact on sustainability in communities across North America,” Sharon explains. 

Nutroz uses just 25 watts of power and no water compared to the average wash cycle which uses 500 watts and 19 gallons of water.

“Not only does Nutroz save you time, money, and resources through reduced space, soap water and power consumption, it can reduce the need for frequent laundering as well. This helps to extend the life of your clothes and other items. And by reducing microfiber pollution, Nutroz also helps to combat ocean pollution.”

“Best of all, Nutroz is compact and portable enough to move around your home or take on the road, so you can refresh items wherever you need, whenever you want.”


Nutroz is the result of an innovative idea from a small group of entrepreneurial engineers who wanted to solve an everyday household problem: how to refresh and remove odors from hockey equipment while saving space in their already cramped houses.

After reviewing available disinfecting and sanitizing options, none of which were liquid, detergent, or chemical free, they realized the need for a more sustainable solution and so the Nutroz concept was born. The result is a patent-pending ozone neutralizing technology that’s will revolutionize cleaning and deodorizing in virtually every room of the house.

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