National Transaction Corporation (NTC) Wins the 2021 Technology & Transaction Partner of the Year Award

December 09 17:27 2021
NTC ePay enables businesses to present specialized offerings with add-ons and deductions through a simple, intuitive interface

Coral Springs, Florida – December 09, 2021 – For the 2nd consecutive year National Transaction Corporation (NTC) has been recognized by the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) for the NTC’s exclusive payment platform NTC ePay, and an array of high-end user-friendly features. NTC was accorded with the Technology and Transaction Partner of the Year Award for the year 2021 showcasing the appreciation by the Travel Advisors and chapter organizers.

National Transaction Corporation has been a strategic partner to the American Society of Travel Advisors for the past 15+ years enabling travel agencies as well as related businesses such as hotels, tour operators, car rentals, etc. worldwide in facilitating travel payment transactions. The corporation’s NTC ePay product is a platform that creates payable links such as electronic invoices, social media posts with integrated payments and e-commerce shopping cart capabilities, and event ticketing systems. These links can be shared via SMS and emails or can be embedded onto a website or social media platform to present service and product details with the option for the viewer to purchase them directly from the messages or posts. This feature offers convenience to the business owners as they could create a marketplace for their products without the need for a dedicated e-commerce site.  

The user-friendly platform offers intuitive features shortening the learning curve significantly. The installation requires less than an hour and enables businesses to generate quick links with merely an email address and bill value. On the contrary, businesses that wish to generate invoices with advanced features can capture signatures, create installment plans, and even store items with inventory control. The same inventory items can also drive a shopping cart feature offering a more robust shopping experience to the consumers. When developing the platform, special attention was given to the challenges travel agents and agencies experience, and customized product and service pricing strategies that do not conform to the traditional e-commerce platform approach.

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