Omega Supreme Organics launches a Kickstarter campaign for its “Super Immune Booster”

December 10 03:44 2021

Larry West, a specialist in health and nutrition whose aim is to assist everyone living a disease-free life is pleased to announce the Kickstarter campaign for his amazing product “Super Immune Booster“.

The herbal nutrition is one of its kind as it is specifically produced for maximum immunity support and resistance.

Nutritional support is required for a healthy immune response, cellular generation, and energy metabolism. However, over-reliance on pharmaceuticals that target conditions which in many cases worsen or lead to other conditions normally deprives the body of nutrients needed. To change this narrative, Omega Supreme Organics introduces a perfect alternative that is packed with powerful highly nutritious herbs with antioxidant properties that assist the body to repair damaged cells and prevent cells from excessive damage during severe infections.

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Super Immune Booster was produced placing a high priority on consumers’ safety, and because of this, all ingredients are naturally grown, No gluten, No GMOs, and No fillers. 

The twenty-four natural ingredients used in the production of Super Immune Booster are Chaga and reishi mushrooms, bee propolis, astragalus, elderberry, acai berry, silver root, African geranium, milk thistle, peppermint, ginger, curcumin, vitamin c, zinc, and other organic herbs and nutrients like n-acetylcysteine.

Super Immune Booster has been receiving accolades from customers that used the all-natural supplement. A satisfied customer Michael Thompson said:

“I bought Super Immune Booster to help strengthen my resistance. Living in Los Angeles for over 10 years, I suffer from chronic sinusitis. I wake up every morning congested and usually at least one nasal is completely closed. One particular morning after receiving the product, I took the packet of 5 capsules. About 20 minutes later, I noticed my nasal cavity started opening up and I started feeling the mucus in my throat drying up. Within an hour, both nasal passages were completely open and I could breathe.  Super Immune Booster is the real deal. My immune system seems to be much stronger to the point that I haven’t even gotten a herpes breakout since using it”. 

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